The “Star of Bethlehem” will appear in the sky for the first time in the last 800 years


The two largest planets in the solar system, the Jupiter And Saturn, Will appear closer to each other in the night sky during the Christmas week, in an approach that will happen for the first time in the last 800 year, Say astronomers.

Both giants of our planetary system have been gradually approaching each other since the beginning of summer and will appear almost like a “double planet” in 21 December.

The phenomenon, known as “Session”, Can be seen from anywhere on earth, immediately after sunset.


At their closest location after many hundreds of years, the two planets appear to be less than the width of a “full” moon – from the winter solstice until Christmas day.

The German astronomer, Johannes Kepler, Wrote in 1614 that he believes that “Star of Bethlehem” In the history of the Nativity may be “Meeting of Jupiter and Saturn”.


Others reported that “Three Sages” May follow a triple session of Jupiter, Saturn and Aphrodite to reach the manger where Jesus.

Although Venus will not be visible as a part of the planets by 2020, it will still be an impressive astronomical spectacle, and those in Ecuador have the best view, but the “Synod” will be visible in other parts of the planet. Of the world.

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