The reaction of Maria Ioannidou, mentioned by Natasha Kalogridis! (video)

Maria Korinthiou splashed her hair and the showbiz was split and … she was tired. When journalists carried the disagreement between George Ioannidou and Blondinka Korinthos Giorgos Vallari, he replied, "Ms. Ioannidou should know that Dalianidis had been suppressed, had a nausea in the fin, and that it was retained by a blonde. It means something. I will not leave Maria Corinthia, but she has become a brunette in my hands. "

Anna Fonsou was also asked about this question and said: "I think it's stupid to do Aliki Vougiouklaki and change her hair. Maria Korinthiou is a very beautiful brunette who plays the role written by the writer. That was wrong for Mr. Vilaris".

However, statements by Maria Ioannidou made her reaction more interesting when asked by journalists whether she could be impressed by Natasha Kalogridis. «Now … let's go down. Why do you want to ruin my mood? Let's go kids, be a bit serious".

Boys are slaughtered in Korinthos's blonde! "Kokkalos" Ioannidou to ask about Kalogridis!

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