SYRIZA denies the relocation of Cyprus from Kipsely to Legraina


THE PRESIDENT OF SYRIZA / Archive Photo / Eurokinissi / Giannis Panagopoulos

SYRIZA categorically denied the reports that the president of the official opposition should move to a villa in Sony, emphasizing that “the journalism of fake news trolls the ND to look like Arsenics”.

“Because since yesterday’s articles in both Parapolitika and, they came out of their belly that the president of SYRIZA allegedly bought a house in Legraina, allegedly moved from” Laiki Kypseli “and a difference but ridiculous, maybe they will cover the waterloo From Parnitha, we inform them that if they want they can pass by his house in Kypseli for coffee and chocolate chip cookies “, commented Commondouro, commenting on the recent assassination of the Prime Minister.

“They can be a little sweetened and find that fake news journalism has short legs,” adds Siriza.

The new democracy, for its part, states that “SYRIZA, in its report, in response to reports, informs us that Mr. Tsipras is not moving. In this announcement, he says various jokes, but avoided answering a substantive question:

“Did Mr. Tsipras rent a villa in Sonio, in one of the most expensive areas of Attica, by whom and with what service?” The NDN press office declared in a statement and added “We are awaiting the addition report”, the ruling party concludes.

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