Sources MINE: Emotional repetition of inaccuracy by the president of the new democracy – Dikaiologics


For the silly repetition of public speech incitement that undermines the ability of the narrative to survive, President ND blames him for his speech yesterday, the cycles of the Ministry of Finance. If at the same time we add that in the present case it is simply justified if there is a lack of narratives and arguments.

According to the ministry, in their speech yesterday in KO. New Democracies on Proposals of Main Opposition to Constitutional Review, Mr. Mitsotakis, lastly and with the impressive expertise of populist greed, took some of his favorite clichés:

* One of the fantastic grants of public property and archaeological sites on the EESYP (hypermarket) by the government and the treasury.

* Another alleged scandalous extension of the Athens International Concession Agreement.

Indeed, the same circle of ministers reminiscent of the latest issues of the Ministry of Finance (Press Releases: Real Estate October 10 and ND Response to the Airport on 16 October).

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