She is photographed on the balcony of her house and sends a message of optimism


D Eleonora Zouganeli Enjoys married life and seems to be at her best. The well-known singer who for the second consecutive year is in the position of judge in The voice Sent a message of optimism to Instagram.

Eleonora has posted a series of photos in which we see how she enjoys her breakfast, reads her favorite book and drinks her coffee on her balcony.

“Sunday party and school” How many things can you do on a beautiful Sunday morning? Pleasant coffee, even more pleasant breakfast, maybe a little housework, a little reading, a little cuddling, a soft hug, a little bustle παραπάνω you can make a nice cake, go for a short walk in the neighborhood, read newspapers and magazines, Do a face mask … And so the hour will run like water and a new week will start again. Have a good time, whatever you do “.

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