Scandal for Suarez and Juventus


New scandal breaks out in Italy, This time staring at him Luis Suarez And Juventus, Which allegedly put pressure on situations aimed at accelerating the process of issuing an Italian passport for the Uruguayan striker.

The Italian editions of the last hour They talk about the favorable treatment of Luis Suarez in the Italian language exams, as they report that he is examined for only 12 minutes and while he knows the questions in advance.

Raphael Cantone, the prosecutor of Perugia, confirmed in a statement that the initial rumors are true. After the investigations, the framework for the suspicions for a rig examination was confirmed, which allowed the issuance of the certificate of knowledge of the Italian language type “B1” to the well-known Uruguayan footballer Luis Suarez, a condition for acquiring citizenship in. In particular, it turned out that the content of the test was previously communicated to the player himself “, Mentioned among others.

After that, the directors of the university, Juliana Grego and Simone Olivier, were eligible, and two other professors who examined the Atletico Madrid footballer.

Authorities are now investigating Juventus, whose people are said to have pressured Luis Suarez to speed up the process of obtaining an Italian passport. In fact, according to the lawyers in Italy, according to the results of the investigation, it is not excluded that he may even have been torn down to the “old lady”.

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