Over 25 years and under 54 years of travelers "Macedonia"


The age group of travelers aged over 55 is an important category to be appreciated, said Giorgos Villos, Director-General for the development of FraportGreece, and this is the subject of a study conducted by Fraport Greece for several months. Mr Vilos, from the 34th Philoxenia Conference Conference on Tourism 55 + Development Leverage for a Long-Term Tourism Period, presented the results of the Fraporta survey conducted in March for the passenger profile for the first time.

From the first findings it follows that the percentage of passengers at the Thessaloniki "Macedonia" airport is a dynamic public between 25 and 54 years old, while passengers belonging to the age group over 55 represent 15%.

Mr Villos emphasized the importance of this study, which is a tool for all tourism professionals and organizations, especially because it will enrich new data and data from year to year, which will also result in comparative data.

According to the study findings, most airport passengers have a high level of education, of whom 79% had university education. They come from Germany, England, Russia, Cyprus and Israel. This is particularly important, as Mr Villos warned, as it differs from the overall image of Greece, the United States, Germany, Italy, France and Italy in the first five. "It shows us the connection and the special ties that Thessaloniki has with Israel, Russia and Cyprus," he explained.

According to the solar group older than 55, 58% of foreign residents (of which about 11% of Greeks living abroad) appear to travel mainly during the summer months. "This shows us that there is a possibility to attract more tourists in the remaining months, and that it can be pursued in this direction," he said.

Category 55 and more, he added, people who want safety, comfort and experience are traveling experience and maturity.

It should also be noted that, according to the survey, more than 55 passengers spend more time in Thessaloniki than the age group of 25-54 years.

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