Our reactions will be unprecedented


The storm of reactions from the church at the bottom of the Church challenged the public communica Prime Minister and Archbishop Ieronimos, because priests say: "Fighting against the Tsipra-Ieronymos Agreement", which says it will come to the case even before the European Court of Justice.

O Archbishop Ieronymos emphasized that it was a "myth" about the intangible character of the Church, and at the same time informs us that "The Permanent Holy Synod has given us permission to agree and informed him", and in the end they marked short trousers that were today heard of the removal of the cross from flags and elsewhere.

Ieronymos will bring the matter to the Synod and in the next days in the Hierarchy, where the metropolitans will hear the various voices expected to respond to religious neutrality and, in particular, how it will spread to questions such as morning prayer in schools, churches and paintings in schools, hospitals and courts.

Regarding Church property Special fund for the development of property with the participation of the Holy Archdiocese and the state at 50-50.

The Prime Minister's agreement, Alexis Tsipras with him Archbishop of Jerusalem, according to which priests will no longer be treated as public officials, despite the fact that the state will commit itself to subsidizing the Church with an amount corresponding to the needs of the wage bill, which will be ensured in this way, a strong response from the clergy has expressed their dissatisfaction.

"We will fight to maintain the current regime," stressed Mr. Georgios Sellis, who spoke at prototem, explain how they will fight for their other state employees and add that the deal was concluded without asking anyone.

"In the spirit of spirituality, they were done in absentia, and I think that this was done in the absence of metropolitans," he said.

It should be noted that the spirituality of the League according to its president amounts to about 8,000.

Father Georgios Sellis said that in the following days a holy association would unite in order to harmonize the functioning of the clergy and added that a meeting with political leaders would be called, while pointing out that "in the races we entered a single payroll, not we can acquire the acquired rights of the archbishop and the prime minister who agreed, without asking anyone. "The Holy Association of Priests from Greece sent a complaint to the Metropolitan of the Greek Church to cancel the previous talks between the Archbishop and the Prime Minister in Hierarchy with an extraordinary message.

"The CONTRIBUTION OF BIBLIOGRAPHY will ensure that, as a contractual duty of the state, it will preserve the salaries of the Holy Clergy, as it stands, in exchange for what the Church has offered to the state", inter alia, in communiqué.

"We feel that they were issued by those who took part in the debate on the decision, in the absence of those directly concerned, who are Greece and the officers, which are recognized members in it," is highlighted below.

Komunike explains: "We call on His Majesty, the Metropolitan Church of Greece, to eliminate the circumstances and to cancel the previous discussions of the Archbishop and the Prime Minister in Hierarchy.

The IEROS BINDING GREEK ASSOCIATION will fight that the obligation of the state will be a conventional duty to pay Holy Spirituality, as it stands in return for what the Church has offered to the state. Our reactions will be many and unprecedented in Greek history A simple priest from Crete to Evros, from the Ionian Islands to Dodecanese, will rise and identify with us in a battle not only for the priesthood, but also for the preservation of our Greek Orthodox tradition. went with his brothers and sisters to the burden of the crisis, and continued his long-term supply and coordination of a multitude of voluntary actions. The time of Sigan ended with Cleric. We are now in good voice and action. We feel that we have been issued by those who took part in debates on decision-making, in the absence of direct stakeholders who are Greece and a honorary member. In a country that sells everything, we will not wait for the next one that affects religion. We also invite people who in the dark days live with indignation and pain to support the clergy and the Church of our homeland. Some of them occasionally managed to change some of the people for some time in order to weaken the role of the Pope in Greek society. CONTRACT OF THE BIBLIOGRAPHY OF GREECE will do everything necessary to terminate the disgraceful agreement with them by carrying out all legal procedures. In every difficult period of Greek history, anyone who put them in the Church, the state was defeated. Those who did not want interlocutors in their fraudulent negotiations will now find us in front of them. "

"Our reactions will not be tense," said Father George Vamvakidis, who spoke in Yannis Antypas's "TOPIC 104.6".

What message was sent to Members who want to vote on the job?

Opposition of the Holy Spiritual Association to the Tsipra-Ieronymos Agreement, expressed in "THEMA 104.6", Vice-President of the Holy Clerical Union, George Vamvakidis, who emphasized with great emphasis that priests require that the priests pay the prize remain as it is.

Which state organization will provide us with a pension and health care, he asked Father Vamvakidis and remembered the personal views of the Archbishop.

"The Holy Synod did not allow him to consent to such a message," he said.

In a speech in Yannis, Antypas, Put Thema, the vice president of the Holy Spiritual Association reported on the serious responses of priests and priests: "The general reaction will be that the metropolitans will overthrow this development. If you do not do so, the reactions will be very long. They will see Papafless and our reactions they will not make any effort, "he stressed with emphasis. Finally, he sent a message to Members, noting that the number of priests and their families as voters is not trivial." Let those who want to vote on the job understand this, "he said.

What the Prime Minister said

"Today we are confronted with the framework of a historic agreement for the benefit of both sides," said yesterday Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in his statements with the Archbishop of Athens, Ieronymos and the whole of Greece, Ieronymos.

The Common Church – a state message that has been reached by both parties

As Mr. Tsipras, a joint message "reflects the current outcome of our dialogue and our intentions of the context in which we intend to move in the near future, to the extent that both the Hierarchy and the Council of Ministers are in place, they will refer to accepting this framework, accepting it and to make further progress in the necessary legislative initiatives ".

"After a long, detailed and sincere dialogue between the State and the Church in respect of respect and respect, we now have the opportunity to move towards mutually acceptable and mutually acceptable and beneficial initiatives to rationalize relations between us. It is to define a framework for rescue and rescue historical issues while at the same time strengthening the autonomy of the Greek Church in relation to the Greek state, which recognizes its offer and its history as a role in the birth and formation of its identity.

Therefore, today we express our intention to prepare a historic agreement between the Church and the country, which will take the form of legislation and suggest:

The Greek State acknowledges that until 1939, when the Law of Compulsory Baptism 1731/1939 was issued, he acquired church property for compensation below its value.

The Greek State admits that it has taken over the payment list of the clergy in the broader sense in exchange for the ecclesiastical property it acquired.

The Greek State and the Church acknowledge that priests will no longer be understood as public officials and are therefore deleted from the single paying authority.

The Greek State undertakes to pay to the Church, in the form of a subsidy, every year an amount corresponding to the current salaries of the active priests, which will be adjusted according to the salaries of the Greek state.
The church recognizes that any other request for this ecclesiastical property is canceled under this agreement.
The annual subsidy will be paid to the special fund of the Church and is intended solely for the priests' salaries, with the sole responsibility of the Church of Greece and the proper supervision of the competent national supervisory authorities.

The agreement envisages the current number of ecological clergy from the church of Greece, as well as the current number of popular officials of the Church of Greece.

The possible choice of the Church of Greece to increase the number of priests does not create a requirement to increase the amount of annual subsidy.

The Greek state and church of Greece decide to establish the Church for the exploitation of church property.
This fund is managed by a five-member committee. Two members of the fund will be appointed by the church of Greece, two members appointed by the Greek government, and one member appointed together.

The fund for the development of church property will take over the management and exploitation of property already disputed between the Greek state and the church of Greece since 1952, as well as every property of the Church that would voluntarily want to grant this fund exploitation.

TAEP revenues and liabilities are equally distributed between the Greek State and the Church of Greece.
The conditions also apply to the properties of individual metropolises, namely the disputed properties, as well as those from the metropolis, which are voluntarily assigned to CEPOL.

Already established by Act 4118213 The company for the use of real estate Church property between the Greek State and the Athens Holy Archdiocese is also a member of the TAEP and is governed by the current legal regime.

The above commitments of the parties will be subject to compliance with the whole agreement ".

Mr Tsipras assured the Archbishop that the forthcoming constitutional reform, in particular the changes in Article 3, is aimed at upgrading the specific role of the Church, which will increase its autonomy, recognizing its important contribution to the birth and formation of its identity of the Greek state.

"Our dialogue with the Church of Greece has been and is always honest and will last," said Mr. Tsipras. "We hear our views and reservations, and, like all parties and representatives of our people in the Delegation, we will take together the thoughts and proposals that will be presented during the parliamentary process and the dialogue that the constitution provides for its own review process," he said.

"I have the feeling that today is actually a historic step. All historical steps require a vision and a willingness to understand one another," he said.

The Prime Minister said that every step forward is definitely not without problems, "but all of us evaluate the results that we create, and the intentions and what we broadcast, and this meeting, which I want to believe, sends mutual respect, mutual understanding, love and also expresses the intention we go forward with respect for each other. "

Jerome: This agreement transpires our purpose to go a step further, respecting each other

"Thank you for your initiatives and views. Thank you for contributing to this historic moment in this great event, so that the Church will not feel that it will become richer, not worried, but more functional in the realization of its visions," said the Archbishop of Jerusalem after the Prime Minister's announcement. I answered my questions and I would also like to thank you for the specific question that we have met today with our close associates.

I believe that all of us are judged by what they are giving out, and this agreement transmits our intention to respect each other. We will move in a spirit of autonomy and cooperation. The church has become a more deacon of people's will, "the Archbishop said.

The announcement, which commented on the government's agreement with the Church, issued the main opposition side, stressing that SYRIZA had recently passed new democracies.

"The new democracy is satisfied with the late acceptance of the status of Syriza regarding state-church relations. It has now become very clear that open issues in relations between the two sides do not require a constitutional review but can be very well regulated by legislative initiatives." Initiatives, who point out that the New Democracy government has been established since the beginning of 2013, the establishment of a joint state church for the exploitation of church property, the realization of which has been greatly excluded. In this context, he hopes that today's agreement will greatly benefit the country and the Church and will not be exhausted in the decisive decoupling of clerics' salaries from the country. "

"The initiatives he has warned has been accepted by his government New Democracy already in 2013, "the message said.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras criticizes the agreement with the Church in his announcement Movement of change, which refers to the "still magnificent colotoumbo" and points out that the agreement that was published is not in the direction of the separate roles of the state-Church.

More detailed forecast: "Mr Tsipras not only abandoned his position on the separation of the state church, but also made a magnificent colotoumbo (international term now), but even denied the principle of various roles.

The money of Greek taxpayers is managed by the metropolitan. This is another "scapegoat," which even hides serious dangers from the state's ecumenical economic emancipation. And all this add a sentence on religious neutrality to Article 3 of the Constitution. Sam, who had already weakened Mr. Tsipras.

The movement of change remains firmly in favor of the principle of the various roles. Today's message is not in this direction and in addition creates a very serious and justified uncertainty in 10,000 families for its future, which no one can ignore. A simple priest, who stood at the time of the crisis besides our tried people, is worthy of respect. How neutral is apparent neutrality, Tsipera? "

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