Nikos Apostolopoulos for judges of GNTM: "They need a complaint" (video)


Nikos Apostolopoulos was in Happy Day and Stamatini Tsimitsi explained the reasons for which Vicky Kagia recently "attacked" her participation in GNTM, as the saying goes: "I like Vicky Kayas very much, but it turned into something that I I do not like – not Vicky Kaya and all that show. If I did not like it, I would not put it in my perfume in Greece and would not place it on my show in Germany. I have nothing to do with Vicky. "

Then, Nikos Apostolopoulos spoke very hard about the next model of Greece and the judges: "I do not like his way, I do not like their acid. I never heard a photographer say he is wrinkled, harder, falls, does not become a girlie … These are the nonsense of Greek TV and the four that are unacceptable: I personally, because I have dignity, I would never do it! In particular, they abuse the power and need a complaint. They should not be there. The only ones who are not four are professional and, in particular, the one who represents my colleague who speaks with this voice as the throne that suffocates him!

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