Kitsakos: Everyone knew my handling of DEPA


Nea Democracy's violent reactions are triggered by the complaints of Theodoros Kitsakos, who was charged with crimes against infidelity and related to the debts of Hellenic Chemical Fertilizers (ELFE-Interests Lavrentiadis) during the term of the DEPA administration and reported a loss of more than EUR 115 million.

In an interview published today, Theodoros Kitsakos claimed that his actions and actions were aware that senior government officials, such as Mr Dragasagis, Flambouraris, Stathakis, Pitsiorlas and Tzakri, were aware. Among other things, Kitsakos claimed in the interview that:

– Everyone in the government knew that the Lavrentiadian side (against which August was prosecuted in August because of the damage to the public gas company) created a number of alternative forms in which it transferred production and fertilizer workers to appear as a "wagon" , that is, the inability to serve the plan of their debts.

– From the moment he took over, he informed the Ministry of Energy and TAEPA every week about progress in DEPA payments, from 115 million (December 2017) with 90 million (December 2015).

"It was owed to the Ministry of Environment and Energy and TAIPEDU on a weekly basis," said Mr. Kitsakos. According to the former director of DEPA, nobody wanted to reduce the gas for the ELFE as it was worrying for the workers and the local economy of Kavala, , who lives on fertilizers. On May 16, 2017, an inter-ministerial meeting was held on the issue of ELFE debts, co-ordinated by Alecos Flambouaris, in the presence of Yiannis Dragasakis, Giorgos Stathakis, Andreas Nefeloudi, heads of the PPC, TAPEAD, as Mr Kitsakos said. in the opinion of Mr Kitsakos, the talks, monopolies, were layoffs, and not long DEPA.

According to Kitsakos's recent allegations, ND warns that the government is still not talking about the matter, but today's fact "irretrievably expounds Mr Cipras and reveals heavy government obligations".

As the ND states in its statement, the said ministers can not hide and must take a direct stand on what Mr. Kitsakos condemns: "For example, did the ministers appointed by Mr Kitsakos know of the attempt to unlawfully exchange ELFE's assets against the write-off of DEPA debt and why ELFE allowed DEPA to be DEPA, which was detrimental to DEPA by several dozens millions of euros. "

In the same message, ND emphasized that the government should apologize for the fact that Mr. Kitsakos, who worked as a member of the ELFE, was appointed director of DEPA, who owed the ELFE large sums. "The Government of Mr Cipras is fully convinced that the New Democracy will show this scandalous case and will demand the truth and responsibility of all citizens as high as it can be."

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