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In the concert "Smiling Child" in the concert hall, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, he celebrated 23 years of his activity on Monday.


In the concert "Smiling Child" in the concert hall, in the presence of the President of the Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, he celebrated 23 years of his activity on Monday.

This was also done by Immigration Minister Dimitris Vitsas, Deputy Foreign Minister Terence Chik and Attorney-at-Law Areios Pagos Xeni Demetriou. A distinguished person in the evening was a prosecutor of the Supreme Court, who received the "Andreas Giannopoulos" award for her complete, timeless and valuable contribution to the protection of children.

Mrs. Dimitriou stressed: "They say that the man's homeland is his childhood. This country, how much we care how much we care for its beauty and innocence." The baby call despairing from the next apartment, Adults children before their time, child soldiers, slaughtered 90,000 children a year in India. organs, children, children, abused and wounded in the soul and the body, children abandoned, children crying, suicidal children, babies leave several months in maternity wards.

Children who have entered puberty but have refused to grow because their adult age is a horrible story. Children are absent from our attention. Children of black sheep, children who flirt with delinquency, children in prisons, "said Mrs. Dimitriou, adding:

«Through this desert of indifference, colorless life, there are a few oases and pieces of life colors that are reserved for children, these invisible children are worried by some people. And if these people are a little man, the child he thought, then we are talking about the miracle of the human soul. "In the end, Mrs. Dimitriou emphasized:" We are present for such an oasis tonight and we are many, embraced all these beings that we mentioned, a small sweet homeland for children who suffered the pain that they sacrificed as sheep at slaughter Smile of a child, a small colorful homeland for the children of our hearts. "

Kostas Giannopoulos, president of the Smash Child organization, said: "23 years ago, my son Andreas, who just left his life, expressed his desire to create a club in his diary to have all the children, because he had a generous love , affection, interest and respect.Hamogelo is the result of a common and coordinated effort and contribution from many different people and actors. It belongs not only to something but to the entire Greek society. "Mr Giannopoulos also stressed:" I am proud that in these 23 years , thanks to your contribution, thanks to the commitment of our employees and volunteers, we managed to support 1,480,003 children and their families by providing personal support in distress.

"Smile" are children who grow up in our "homes"
children in need of medical care, children who have been lost and reunited, children whose families are difficult to live in life. "In the end he stressed:" Everyone is and deserves a smile. That's what Andreas said, that's our vision. We invite you to become a community of our endeavors. We need to continue our hard work with us. "

The event was presented by journalist Rizza Bizogli.

In the presence of the National Theater, "The Smile of a Child" celebrated 23 years of activity
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