Complaint complaint at SE for the transfer of monuments to the supermarket Greece


The Association of Greek Archaeologists and Other Institutions for the Protection of Cultural Heritage was submitted to the National Council for the inclusion of well-known and symbolic archaeological sites and other monuments on the hypermarket, calling for appropriate governmental decisions to be unconstitutional and unacceptable.

The municipalities of Alimos, Hellenic – Argyroupolis, Ioannina, Sparta, Patras and others, as well as associations of archaeologists and others, appealed to the Supreme Court and claimed they were unconstitutional, unlawful, unacceptable and contrary to the International Convention for the Protection of Human Rights in Granada Cultural and hereditary inheritance, two government decisions allegedly submitted to the hypermarket for the exploitation of archaeological sites and monuments such as Knossos, the royal tombs in Vergina, the Leonidas tomb in Lakonia, as well as the White Tower and dozens of other monuments and ancient antiques.

The complaint lists numerous monuments and archaeological sites, while it is claimed that there is no complete picture of all the antiques and monuments belonging to the Supermarket.

The Supreme Court will be called upon to appeal to decide on the unconstitutionality of government decisions.

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