Balance contract, reactions and light


"Another agreement and another intention to agree" was canceled yesterday Archbishop Ieronymos under the pressure of the reactions of the clergy and the discomfort that he discovered Lanterna. The Archbishop tried to reconcile priests with his statements after the end of the meeting of the Permanent Holy Synod.

"We do not have an agreement, but an intention to reach consensus," said Mr Ieronymos. "We have a prediction that we have the willingness and good will to find a solution to the country for problems that have been going on for a century. We all meet before us every day," while answering the question of whether there is concern about the church's salaries, commented: I hear news from TV, news, and I say, "Are we in Greece or are we jungle?" "

In his statements, the Archbishop stressed that his decisions were ChurchHe will decide that he will take it together, but not take it into account, that even before the end of 2018, a final agreement could be reached between the Church and the State. In particular, the outstanding hierarchy is convened by the archbishop before the holidays, which will address the issue of a joint message by Prime Minister Alexisus Cipras and Archbishop Ieronymos.

H Holy Synod in her opinion, she explained that "we did not sign any agreement".

In particular, the statement highlights: "After the meeting of the Archbishop of Athens and all of Greece, Mr Ieronymos and Prime Minister, Mr Alexis Tsipras and the published message, the Holy Synod declares the following:

1) No agreement was required or signed at the meeting, but expressed the reciprocal "purpose of the Church and states to reach a historic agreement in the form of a legislative settlement".

2) The Hierarchy of the Church of Greece is called to this point and appropriate proposals, as the competent body, to take final decisions.

3) In any event, the purpose of the final agreement is the common benefit of People and the Church, with the basic prerequisite for the protection and full protection of the rights of our priest.

4) We are pleased that the Greek prime ministers are now recognized that: (a) "Church gift and historical role are recognized in the birth and formation of the identity of the Greek state and nation"; b) "The aim is to strengthen (c)" it is recognized that the Greek State paid Cleris' wages in exchange for the ecclesiastical property he acquired ", (d)" the destruction of the historical symbols of the cross by the Greek flag and our national symbols are ridiculous comic-tactical things "; and (e)" the existence of faith in Greece is a fact that can not be barred ".

5) On this occasion, we expect the entire political council to contribute to the efforts for mutual understanding and respect for our tradition, so that we all work together for the good of the Greek people. 6) We hope that this spirit will prevail in the upcoming revision of the Constitution.

Strong reactions of the Metropolitans

Metropolitan Kalavrita and Aegialia invites spirituality and rebellion Ambrosefollowing the Ieronymos-Tsipras agreement for the priests' salaries in the Church, which began a new powerful attack on Alexis Tsipras.

Metropolitan Dimitriadis points out that "those who look forward to this event or those who think that they have emptied 10,000 countries, we think that something else can happen." Many metropolitans, like Ioannina, are in favor of a proposal that is mentioned in a joint message on clerics, while other Metropolitans wonder whether priesthood officials or civil servants are almost inactive.

"The country is religiously neutral, but there is no nation," said Metropolitan Piraeus Seraphim, who called for the hierarchy of the church of Greece to be called directly to resolve this issue. On the issue of religious neutrality, the Metropolitan Piraeus wrote: "There is confusion between the concepts of the state and the nation. The state is religiously surely neutral, but there is no nation, it is Europe-wide that it is by the great majority Orthodox."

Metropolitan Fthiotidis Nikolaos, who spoke at the radio station "Star of Central Greece", stressed that this is not a church and state agreement, but a two-way agreement, the president of the hierarchy and the prime minister.

"The church is not an archbishop, reporters say that this is not even the prime minister. They are heads and rightly said that the Beatitudi have approved this first debate, if they accept it and the hierarchy," he said.

For church property, Mr Nicholas said: "Even if the Church awards the sum, but I do not trust the state. In the past, the state took over the church property or received a donation on behalf of the Church in order to give it to politicians, politicians and politicians. told us in Hierarchy, "concluded the Metropolitan Phthiotis.

Without updating the light

"The Patriarch Bartholomew, the Patriarch of Vesuvius, when he is officially notified, will meet with the holy and holy synod on November 27 to evaluate them," is the answer of the Ecuery Patriarchate to the joint message of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Archbishop Ieronymos.

The circles of the Ecumenical Patriarchate spoke that the Patriarchate was not informed and that the Communards were suddenly.

Of course, they mentioned that the joint message could relate to relations between the Church of Greece and the Republic of Poland, but not to the Ecumenical Patriarchate, but if they concern them, they are waiting for information.

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