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"Our priority is the safeguarding of their self-evident working right," said Interior Minister Alexis Charitsis with a post on Twitter account only after his meeting with school cleaners.

The meeting was attended by Siriza MEP Konstantin Kuneva, who said to Twitter account: "Their basic request for regular employment contractors with full job and insurance rights is not just fair, it is also morality and must be done."

At the same time, the Interior Minister met with Turkish Mayors of the Association for Peace and Communications in the Aegean, who came to express their support to the Fire victims of Attica.

"The two nations live in the same area, we have common problems and anxieties." Solidarity and human rights bring us closer, "Charissa said in his twitter account after the meeting.

The Turkish Delegation, which is set forth by: Bullent Tankik Chairman of the Peace and Coincence Association in the Aegean, Osman Osjeniy, the former Mayor of Dikel-Smyrna, Zenep Altyok Ashley, former MP of Smyrna and former Vice-President of CHP and Mehmet Soisaan , Former mayor of the city Didim-Aidinou, is accompanied by SYRIZA Rodopi Mustafa Mustafa.

One day earlier, members of the delegation met with Petroleum Figli, Deputy Mayor of East Attica, in his office. It was visited by the fire-strikes of East Attica, and met with the refiners of Rafina Picmeriou Bronze and Marathon H. Psynakis, whom they expressed their full support for the great destruction and the victims of the fire. They also said that they were in the removal of the Mayors for any help they need for the affected areas. The purpose of the meeting is to strengthen relations and good cooperation between the two peoples at the local level, and the engines that deal with peace in the Aegean.

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