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Prince Charles is the first in the British throne. And now for 66 years. Record! Before him no one else had to wait for the British throne for so long. In fact, it has this nice background. After all, Prince Charles becomes king when Queen Elizabeth II dies. His mother. And this also has good health for 92 years, fortunately.

But that also means that Elizabeth would sit on the throne for some time. After all, her mother, Queen Mother, was 101 years old. Prince Charles would have been nearly 80 years old. And now, at 70, Charles would be the oldest king who ever took over the throne in Great Britain. Does he really want to do this in his old age?

Above all, the British do not want Camille

The British people are also divided into this issue. So there are research in which more than half of the respondents for the traditional succession of the throne. In other studies, such as the "News of the World" In 2010, 55 percent talked about WilliamHowever, these surveys are often focused on the future role of Camille next to Charles. And to prevent Camillo on the throne, many want to give up Charles.

However, British people do not have much say. Although parliament could change the relevant law – it probably would have required a more valid reason than compassion. Otherwise, the Queen himself can not decide that her son Charles will not be her successor. Instead, Charles should have personally renounced the throne. And he will hardly do it. For more than 66 years, the "eternal heir to the throne" is preparing for one single role: to be the former king. It is unlikely that when time comes, he suddenly does not want to. Not only because it's sturdy, sturdy and sturdy. But for quite a different reason.

As a king, he has an even greater influence

On one hand, his concern. Charles is dedicated to climate protection and organic farming. When he published his first grandson with Prince George 5 in 2013, he said in an interview with the TV transmitter ITV: "Now that we have a grandson, it's even more clear that we have to do everything in our power to do it Leave the toxic cups ». His grandchildren later asked him why he had not done anything. Charles recently said similar words about the newest grandson, the child of Prince Harry, 34, and the Duke Meghan, 37, who is in spring.

But his cooperation began ten years ago. Meanwhile, Charles has set up nearly twenty climate protection assets. Already in the eighties, several farmers in their land supported the transition to organic farming. Today, it even distributes its own organic products and invests resources in its foundations.

Charles was never embarrassed that his opinion was public, rather atypical for Windsor Scion. For example, he spoke against genetically modified foods, which was also criticized by several politicians. After all, Queen Elizabeth II never interfered in politics. The Prince of Wales, however, does not think he would hold his own point of view himself.

Although he will no longer be mixed up in public debates as a king, Prince Charles said in a recent BBC interview on his 70th birthday. I could distinguish between my tasks as successor to the throne and kings – "I'm not so stupid"Yet, however: the views of the king have much more weight than those who were heirs on the throne. And just because they are no longer publicly expressed, they are by far forgotten. Moreover, it is not excluded that Charles, as the king, continued to devote his heart affairs to at least in the background. Too important for him, he is too aware of what he can do in his position in this regard. It's hard to imagine that he does not have this delay, and if he has to wait another ten years.

He still wants to relieve William

The other reason why Charles will not reject the crown is his son William probably personally. This again and again emphasized that it was no longer an issue for him, "That the Prince of Wales will be the next monarch"for example, in the 2010 Sunday Times employee of the Royal Family. And Prince Charles himself would not want to spoil his son's role as soon as possible.

Charles saw, for example, his mother, how difficult and time-consuming is the task of the monarchEspecially in the early years when everything is new. After her entry into the throne at the age of 26, Elizabeth had barely time for her elders and the family had to wait for her. This is what Charles wants to spend his son William. After all, it has very young children with Prince George, Princess Charlotte, 3 and Prince Louis, 7 months. They would have almost nothing from their father.

Charles III, not William V.

It is much more likely that, in the event of his mother's death, Charles will stay for a few years on the British throne. And in every case, when the time comes, everything is ready. For example, the Buckingham Palace has for a long time included a detailed schedule that occurs after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

According to "The Guardian" – after a family member, Prime Minister of Great Britain will first be informed, followed by the governments of the 15 Commonwealth countries, such as Canada, Australia or New Zealand. Only then will the official publication be published. Then, twelve days of mourning is planned – although there is almost no departure for Charles at least. He's already in the day after the death of the queen at exactly 11 o'clock, she was presented as a new kingThen, his wait will be over – sad is the reason. And the new king becomes Charles III. name – not William V.

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