The exposed glass finds: Aldi Nord collects asparagus in glass


The asparagus brand "King's Crown" was mentioned, which was sold at Aldi Nordu. The manufacturer draws attention to the cracks of the glass.

Hamburg. Since they can contain broken glass, Merkur's foreign trade pointed to the product "King's Crown" – glasses of asparagus included in the Aldi North sell.

Concerned are 314 milliliter glasses with gloves, white asparagus parts with the best before June 30, 2021 and printed on the edge of the L0161320180528 3700/01090 series, which communicates with Merkur.

In October, asparagus glasses are an action item in the regions Beucha. Beverstedt. Greiz. Jarmen. Bad Laasphe, Münden and Lingen sold, but since then it has been withdrawn from the assortment everywhere.

Anyone who has bought the affected glasses can do it completely AldiReturn the northern branches.

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