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Tattoos that recognize diseases: researcher make revolutionary discovery


Do real-time tattoos monitor chronic diseases? What could sound funny could soon be used as a medical procedure. Munich Technical University researchers have developed a pigment that changes color when the body becomes ill.

As the team reports in the magazine "Angewandte Chemie", so-called biomarkers can be read with the developed paint. These are biological features – such as body temperature, but also blood and cholesterol levels – suggest changes in the body.

Before the study, the researchers noticed the glucose, pH and albumin worthy. For example, a low albumin may be a sign of damage to the kidney or liver, while high levels often indicate heart problems. Glucose is related to diabetic patients, and impairment is an indication of various diseases.

Tattoos reflected changes

The researcher tested the procedure on skin of non-living pig with inks specially tailored to the biomarkers. They found that the pigment changed when the concentration of one of the observed traits in the stained area changed. With a special app they could transform the recorded color effects into numbers.

The research team now wants to test the procedure on living skin. The aim is to investigate the effects of these pigments on the functioning of the organism. Do-it-yourself may become useful diagnostic artworks at the end, but many more studies have shown, emphasizing the authors.

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