Samsung Galaxy S21: The flagship of the smartphone should be cheap


As the insider wants to know, the standard version of the Galaxy S21 is said to sell at a price between 849 and 899 US dollars. It. Dollars, which in Germany would correspond to a price between 705 and 746 euros if it was converted directly. Compared to the Galaxy S20, this could be a price reduction of almost 200 euros.

For the Galaxy S21 +, Samsung should estimate a price between 1049 and 1099 US. It. Dollars, which could amount to 871 or 912 euros if converted directly. For comparison: the Galaxy S20 + costs 999 euros at the market launch in this country.

The insider also writes that the most powerful model, the Galaxy S21 Ultra, should also be cheaper. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is sold at the market launch in Germany for € 1349.

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