Multiple sclerosis – researchers identify possible warning signs for multiple sclerosis


Original address: Five years before the occurrence of multiple sclerosis: Phenotyping prodrome.

Health Advisor-24-Research and Science-News- Multiple Sclerosis – In the five years preceding the MS, patients are much more likely to suffer from certain diseases and problems, according to researchers from the University of British Columbia, Canada. They are convinced that multiple sclerosis is predicted by warning signs.

In other neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's disease or Parkinson's disease, it is generally accepted that there are warning signs of the first classic symptoms of the disease. For multiple sclerosis, but so far little known, or there is so-called prodrome. Until two decades ago, it was still considered that there is no penetration in multiple sclerosis.

Researchers evaluated data from a large national database

Research is based on the greatest efforts to document human symptoms before they know they have MS. To this end, Canadian researchers evaluated data from the period 1984 to 2014, which had 14,000 Canadians with multiple sclerosis and compared them with data of 67,000 Canadians without MS.

Fibromyalgia and irritable bowels are significantly more common in subsequent MS patients

Compared with people without MS, MS patients were more than three times more likely to have fibromyalgia, a condition characterized by muscular and bone pain, five years before their MS diagnosis or the first classical symptoms. Patients with MS are also almost twice as likely to suffer from irritable bowel syndrome during this period.

Migraine and mental illness are also more frequent

Migraines and mood disorders or anxiety, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder, were significantly more common in subsequent MS patients in the five years preceding the occurrence of multiple sclerosis than in non-MS. The increased prevalence of these diseases in subsequent MS patients also reflected a greater need for medicines for diseases of the nervous system, musculoskeletal and urogenital tract, and antidepressants and antibiotics.

Researchers are convinced that there are potential warning signs for MS

The results of the study show that a subsequent diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is already noticeable with warning signals up to five years before the first classic MS symptoms. If physicians could detect an early onset of MS, the disease can be treated sooner and suspect that it will slow down the damage to the central nervous system.

Further investigations are needed to create more knowledge

However, further research is needed. Canadian researchers want to carry out further research on this and examine whether there are patterns that are different for women and men, age or type of MS.

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