Michael Douglas reveals a Hollywood star and kisses father Kirk (101)


Michael Douglas reveals Hollywood star and heart of Kirk's father (101)

Wednesday, November 7, 17:37: Now they are both stars in Hollywood: Oscar winner Michael Douglas (74) revealed on Tuesday a starboard with his name, "Walk of Fame". At the celebration he brought his famous father Kirk Douglas ("Spartacus"). A 101-year-old actor, whose name is also based on the Hollywood Boulevard, smiled in a wheelchair.

"It means so much to me, Father, that you are here today," said Michael Douglas, moving into tears. He was so proud that he was his son.

With the award, the actor and producer celebrated their 50-year career in show business. "Why it was not so long," said Douglas, hailing hundreds of fans, family members and friends who attended the ceremony.

The awarding of the 2648th star coincided with the introduction of the new Netflix series "Kominsky Method" in mid-November, in which Douglas mimes the former acting star.

For photographers whom Douglas made with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones (49, "Chicago"), he kissed the plaque. He thanked the love of his life for their support and patience. We would soon celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary, said Douglas. Two brothers and his son Cameron (39) from the previous law were present during the visit.

Finally, Douglas would get his well-deserved star, said guest speaker Jane Fonda (80). The Oscar winner, who collaborated with Douglas on the nuclear thriller "The Chinese Syndrome" (1979), praised his colleague as an excellent actor, activist and philanthropist. Now fans from all over the world could visit his star in Hollywood, leave cigarettes and chewing gum there, cried the actresses.

In the 1970s, Douglas celebrated his first success as a detective in the television series "Streets of San Francisco". As the producer of the psychodrama "One flew across the cuckoo's nest" (1975) he won his first Oscar. The second trophy he won in 1988 as his main role as a frivolous financial shark Gordon Gekko in the fight Oliver Stone on the drama "Wall Street".

In the 69 years Peter Maffay surprised that he became a father

16:10: Peter Maffay once again became his father when he was 69 years old. His 31-year-old girl, Hendrik, was supposed to have a girlfriend in the weekend, as the musician confirmed "Bildu". They said that even neighbors did not hear anything about pregnancy.

Maffay already has two children from previous relationships. He has met with his partner since 2015.

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Heidi Klum and rocker Tom Kaulitz – the fan asks a gigantic question

Tuesday, November 6, 12:17: Heidi Klum misses her partner Tom Kaulitz. Obviously, both are separated by night. The time for wonderful memories is most likely to find a German model and publish a short clip with him and Kaulitz. Couple turns together, looks remarkable and happy.

Followers respond immediately. In addition to criticizing the age difference between Klum and Kaulitz, the couple also gets a lot of approval. And spicy note: "It seems that @HeidiKlum did it naked … where is this video" – in German: "It looks like I would do something like this where did I see it?"

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Jenny Frankhauser did not see Ketzenberger's daughter for two years

14.45: Queen Jungle Jenny Frankhauser (26) and her half-sister, the realistic television star Daniela Katzenberger (32), are obviously not contacts yet. Asked if her mother, Iris Klein (51), or her half-sister, knew that Frankhauser had joined in the TV show "Ninja Warrior Germany – Celebrity Special", said Frankhauser newspaper "Bild": "My mother even took with me. But Daniel did not mean that. We do not have any contact … "

Radio silence with the sister living in Mallorca also has implications for the relationship between Frankhauser and her nephew Sophia (3), Katzenberger and his husband Lucas Cordalis (51) joined. Even the girl does not see him regularly, says Frankhauser: "The last time I saw her two years ago – at Christmas for the show." This is of course a "very stupid situation". Especially because children should "stay as close as possible", "they can not do anything". But Frankhauser has a plan: "I'll wait for Sophia to be old enough and she can only come with her aunt."

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