Massive evidence of price fixing between drum manufacturers

Last year, Chinese regulators have launched an investigation into alleged illegal price fixing between drama makers Samsung, Hinox and Micron. Now it is said that there is a massive evidence, the corporations have to adjust to sensitive penalties.

The Online Journal Silicon Reports with reference to an article in the Financial Times (whose articles are behind a payday). Therefore, the Chinese authorities are extending their investigation to assess the exact extent of illegal price fixing between drummers. It will be interesting to see how the customers of the three market leaders are Samsung, Hinox and Micron, and so also the end customers have paid for it. The three providers currently control over 95 percent of the DRAM world market.

Millions of penalties do not deter

The Antitrust authorities in the US. It. And the EU An investigation has been initiated and legal proceedings have been opened. Years ago, the EU Has been imposed a fine of more than 300 million euros – but the companies did not look like it.

The Chinese investigators have made significant progress in their investigation, they said. The investigations have therefore revealed "massive evidence" of anticompetitive behavior. Specific examples are not mentioned. It is clear, however, that the price increases of the last months is not only due to material and manufacturing costs.

Samsung Benefits

The background to the investigation is, among other things, the sharp increase in prices for drams, especially last year. This year they even increased.

Samsung has benefited from the price increases, according to the report, which is reflected in the very quarterly results in this area.

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Money, dollars, rain, money rain
Money, dollars, rain, money rain

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