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Directly from the news channel dpa

Magdeburg (dpa) – Jens Härtel also can not save two ups and four of the most successful years. 49-year-old is no longer the coach of FC Magdeburg.

In the table, penultimate in the 2nd soccer Bundesliga, a premature divorce was announced, and Härtel was released with assistant coach Ronny Thielemann.

"Looking at the further development of a professional team in the current competition in the 2nd Bundesliga, after the ongoing open analysis we found that the goals set for this season are currently seriously endangered, which is why we decided to change to the position of the boss and co-worker" said chief executive Mario Kallnik.

A new coach will be presented immediately. On Friday, a test match against the third team kriselnden Eintracht Braunschweig is scheduled. Whether the new one is on the outskirts is open. On November 23, the 1st FCM must compete in the second division at SpVgg Greuther Fürth.

The sporting crisis in the new League Härtel was fatal. Magdeburg lost only nine points in the second round of the first 13 matches. Worse still is the 1st FC Ingolstadt with eight counters.

Only one victory was made by the team in the short second half under Härtl from 1-0 on September 30 to SV Sandhausen. 2: 3 last Sunday against SSV Jahn Regensburg before the home crowd was too much. Of the 56 teams in German professional football, only the winner of the first European Cup is waiting for the first win in the season.

Härtel took over the team in July 2014 and led in his first season with the 1st FCM from the fourth to the third league. About six months ago, Magdeburger made a leap into the second department. Four games that went before the end of the season, Magdeburg climbed on April 21st. In two seasons before Härtel was finally unsuccessful after the strong first half of the season, he was as short as a fourth with his team.

But this time Magdeburg also set the title of the third league. 27 wins celebrated 1st FCM in the third league, 15 of which at home. But Härtel could not even start with his team in the second division. "Regardless of the currently unsatisfactory sporting situation, Jensa and Ronny have played an important role in the sports development of FC Magdeburg in recent years, and so she remembered the 1st FC Magdeburg with honor," said Kallnik.

Already three years ago Kallnik and Sports Director Maik Franz took the team and trained clear words on their duties. "Our claim is high: we do not want to lead a second league but to win it," Kallnik said in a double interview for the Magdeburg people's vote and reported intensive talks with Härtl in recent days. "If we evaluate as before, this will not be enough for a downturn," said Franz. The problem deteriorated when four bankruptcies followed one after the other.

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