In the middle of Hamburg Schanze: an air bomb was found – probably a major evacuation

A lot of surgeries in the middle of a hill: a bomb was discovered on Tuesday morning at the construction site on the shoulder blade. There is supposed to be a large evacuation.

The bomb is on the G20

The place where the bomb was found was still a residential building until recently. At the G20 summit, it was re-expanded: some of the petitioners climbed onto the stage and repaired them there and attacked police with Böllern and stones. The police did not return to screaming for fear of even more violent attacks with Molotov cocktails and sidewalks.

At the end of August, the demolition of the house began.

In Alster, guns were discovered

Along with the bombing divers who discovered several pistols in Binnenalster. Eight arms supplied came from World War II, a police spokesman said. We should investigate them with forensics. First, "" reports on the find.

Experts are discussing locally

According to firefighters, the bomb has a fuse. The lighting service of firefighters and many police forces is in place. They discuss how to handle the find.

The bomb was discovered during construction

An aerodynamic bomb with 500 kilograms of pistol was detected around 9:45 during construction work on the blade. The British dude is from the Second World War and should now be relieved or controlled.

In any case, there should be extensive evacuation. They also block roadblocks – this should also affect neighboring Stresemannstraße, one of the most important traffic arteries in Hamburg.

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