Financial honest game violations: how Manchester City should be cheated



Has Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (left) helped out of his pocket to fund the club?

Has Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan (left) helped out of his pocket to fund the club?(Photo: photo service imago sports)

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Million and sponsorship contracts have been postponed: Manchester City and Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan have allegedly bypassed the financially honest Uefa game. Under the dominance of Gianni Infantin, who was then Secretary General of the Association.

Sheik stops. So far, at least the wealthy owner of the Hoffenheim Group of Champions League in Manchester City has not said the word about serious fraud. After the leaks of Football Leaks, millions were postponed and the sponsorship contracts were ordered by its highness. If this is true, Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the citizens would face sharp sanctions.

According to documents shared by the research network Spiegel and the EIC research network, sheikh each year comes undercover payments to her club, which would violate the Financial Fair Play (FFP) guidelines. In accordance with regulations, the owner can compensate for deficits only to a very small extent from private funds.

Fraud was done with sponsors, who would have to pay much less than was specified in the contract. The difference took place from the private wealth of the scapegoat. In the event of an agreement with Etihad, it transferred only seven million euros, while the remaining 52 million was paid by the Abu Dhabi United Group (Adug), a holding belonging to the club Sheikh Mansour. The same game was with other partners. Evidence allegedly served by postal codes of clubs, also referred to as "alternative sources" provided by "His Highness". In addition, sponsorship contracts should be reinsured on demand.

He was also deceived in Spain?

Officially, the show and its partners at the club have delivered 1.46 billion euros over the past ten years, according to "Kicker". At the request of the Sports Information Service, the European Football Federation (UEFA) has announced that it can not comment on individual cases due to confidential obligations that UEFA must respect. The governing body, which, according to the British Times, is demanding to investigate the Spanish league, seems to see the origin of the Football Leaks originating – illegally obtained data would be difficult to use as evidence.

Citizens on Wednesday (21:00 at plays in the premier class against Shakhtar Donetsk, sent only a thin statement after the first wave of claims. It was "an obvious attempt to harm the reputation of the club," he said when it comes to alleged "secret talks" with then-Secretary General Uefa Gianni Infantino. Objective: Minimum possible penalty for FFP violations. In 2014, City was punished with 60 million euros and was therefore excluded from the Champions League. In accordance with FFP regulations, the owner can compensate for deficits only to a very small extent from private funds.

For the apparent movement of millions between Abu Dhabi and Manchester so far, there was no optional evidence – much like Paris. Germain and Qatar. The deal with Uefo four years ago is likely to come because super-rich investors should threaten leadership in case of exclusion from the Champions League with a lawsuit.



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