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Doctors of the Amberger's UGOM network want to be sensitized because drugs are often overlooked.

November 12, 2018

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Antibiotics are often not properly accepted. The result is resistance. Photo: Friso Gentsch / dpa
Antibiotics are often not properly accepted. The result is resistance. Photo: Friso Gentsch / dpa

Amberg.Health Oberpfalz Mitte (UGOM) participates in the study and
The AREN funding project for the Amberg-Sulzbach region at this year's "Worldwide Antibiotic"
Week of Consciousness "(WAAW) of the WHO World Health Organization
they usually offer a variety of participating home and specialist practices in the healthcare network
Frequent use of antibiotics informs interested patients in their practices
and materials available.

It's about the use of antibiotics and the emergence of resistance, it means
in a press release. "Antibiotics are a valuable asset since its discovery
more than 70 years ago, our main weapon in the treatment of bacteria
Infections, "says Family doctor Dr. Med. Philipp Ewald from the UGOM Health Network. Occasionally
but they are taken, although not necessary. Occasionally
it was also not accepted in accordance with the specifications. "This ultimately leads to this
the effectiveness of antibiotics is threatened by their non-discriminatory use of resistance
they have appeared. Infections with resistant bacteria are often difficult to cure, sometimes
even incurable, and their number is growing, "continues Ewald.

That's why a lot of members decided in the past year
to alert the subject to a specific activity. "The network is taking
to ARENA, a research project to prevent antibiotic resistance.
Within the project, in addition to internal exercise, there is an experiment among patients
raising awareness of the problem and improving knowledge of antibiotics ",
says Henryk Steinbach from the UGOM Health Network. Because they often called patients
antibiotics because they think they will help them faster
to get back to our feet. "To improve information, take it
more time for antibiotic education in patients participating in ARENA
with certain index diseases identified for the project, "continues Steinbach.

On the other hand, the project seeks to reach the widest possible public
that a lot of people are sensitized to a great extent.
The World Week of Antibiotics will be presented by project participants and a related network office
This is stated in various ways, concludes UGOM. More information
interested in antibiotics can be found at
or and

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