Detlef Bothe: That's why Daniel Craig is "Best Bond"


First of all
Daniel Craig
(50) is more likely to cut the veins than once
James Bond
jumped out, then suddenly jumped
Danny Boyle
(62, "Trainspotting") as a director – is no question, the sign of the 25th bond line is more than bad.

Also Detlef Bothe (53), who directed the last "Specter" bandage
Sam Mendes
(53, "American Beauty") was a rogue after the news surrounding the new 007 movie. "The director's question was personally exciting to me, as he could have been again under the direction of Sam Mendes." At least this was the announcement after the filming, "the 53-year-old told the news agency,

"The Best Bond Ever!"

But it was different. The director's seat will be right now
Cary Fukunaga
(41), director of the "First Investigator" season, Daniel Craig will probably be the last secretary of his Majesty. But who follows his steps in 007? "Daniel Craig does not have a good follower because he's the perfect personality of the character," says Bothe. For Bothe, Craig is "Best Knit Ever".

"Of course, many people play this role, but the embodiment is a completely different matter," the actor continues. "This, in principle, does not succeed many times and remains an exceptional case as producers naturally know …"

As a moderator on TV

Bothe can not be watched on television once. In RT-II, the 20th anniversary of "X-Factor – The Incredible Returns," presents two new episodes of the cult format, following the footsteps of Star Trek star Jonathan Frakes (66)

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