Dana Schweiger: So she escaped with forest fires with her daughter Emma

Together with her daughter, Emma Dana Schweiger, she had to escape Malibu's fire. Now the 50-year-old was evacuated.

A fire drama in California was also affected by Dana Schweiger (50). As former wife Til Schweiger (54, Class Classification 1.0 – an incredible travel of silver), she told the Bild newspaper, who, together with her daughter Emmo (16, "Kokowääh" ) on Friday morning flee from their home to Santa Monica. Meanwhile, both friends in Los Angeles. Whether the house is still standing, it is uncertain, since at present no one has stayed in the affected area.

In general, the evacuation was six hours. "At 6:30 in the morning, I received a message saying that we were saying we would evacuate. I thought we had some time left, but my girlfriend said that we must immediately leave our house," said Dana Schweiger.

Schweiger saved the heritage, photos, ID

Because everything had to go very fast, she could not take much. "I ran away in my pajamas," said the 50-year-old. "I have my own identity card, birth certificates, hereditary gems from my grandmother and old family photos from the last 25 years. There are still some money. And that's it! And of course I took our two dogs, Yoda and Banksy."

Malibu was "in an emergency", it was not clear when they could return, Schweiger said. "There is no infrastructure, no gas, no water and no more electricity. Everything is burnt."

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