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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The wet and cold weather in Germany ensures full medical practices. But those who care for a flu vaccine will not get in many parts of Germany at the moment: in some regions, there is no more a vaccine. This has some reasons.

Influenza vaccines are cheap in many parts of Germany. "Everything that is happening now, is no longer vaccinated," said the managing director of the pharmacy chamber of Saarland, Carsten Welelfeil. "There is currently nothing to win from all suppliers," explains Stefan Fink, chairman of the Thurian pharmacist. Delivery delays or bottlenecks are also reported from other federal states such as Saxony, Lower Saxony and Hesse.

"Patients may have been vaccinating much earlier this year," said Susanne Stöcker, spokeswoman for the Paul Erlit Institute (PAY). "If more people can be vaccinated or vaccinations just take place before, we still can not know." She considered the great flu epidemic last time to be a possible reason for the current interest. As a result, it is probably more sensitive to the topic.

Various factors

Other experts refer to the forty vaccine now available as a cash benefit. He is considered to be more effective than the one with three components. The federal Ministry of Health states, as possible, the shortage in addition to the higher demand for flu vaccines by doctors and pharmacists, and also large stocks in some medical practices and pharmaceuticals and direct contracts between health insurance companies and pharmacies.

In view of the regional bottlenecks, the federal minister of health services of the CUU loosened regulations for the procurement. According to regional requirements, the provinces can provide pharmacies and doctors' offices to provide each other with flu vaccine and vaccine received from other European Union countries in pharmacies. "It must be clear: Anyone who wants to get vaccinated against the flu," said Spaniard of the network of Germany. In total, 15.7 million doses are available in Germany, according to the Ministry. Which is about a million more than last year was used.

After production takes a long time

Pharmaceutical companies can no longer produce flu vaccine for this season. It takes about six months to produce a standard chicken EggSedged Vaccine, has a sponge for the manufacturer Sanofi. "We have some security margin on the number of pre-orders, but we can not produce for 80 million people." These orders will come mostly from wholesalers and pharmacists. The ways to order vaccines are different in the federal states.

In Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, the vaccine is scarce. However, the vaccination rate has been good in both countries, said the director of the Apothekerverband Schleswig-Holstein and the Hamburg Pharmaceutical Association, Thomas Friedrich. The quadruple vaccine is available since the beginning of September – which may be one of the factors that he has been running earlier this season. The welfare of the pharmacy Chamber of the Saarland also assumes that people are aware of the topic through a vaccination campaign.

Very early, very much

In Lower Saxony, according to the Cass Medical Association of Lower Saxony (SSW), some medical practices have been charged a lot of vaccine early. Other doctors who ordered later, delayed deals. In the coming year, SQUN wants to regulate the order of vaccine in the country differently. "We think of a central order for all doctors in Lower Saxony," said a spokesman.

In fact, the stocks have been exhausted, according to the Provincial Pharmacy Association since this week. The union has agreed to a quota with a manufacturer and offered the Hesseian pharmacies to order something from him. "About the Pharmacy Association of the vaccine of this company is no longer available." Individual orders from wholesalers now seem to be difficult to get, "said Förster. The Hessian GP's Association and the State Ministry of Health, however, have so far noticed any bottleneck.

"Refrigerators are still well-fed"

A sort of collective order exists for years in Berlin, Brandenburg and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. "The refrigerators are still well-filled," said a spokesman for the Health Administration Berlin. He referred to a framework agreement with the Aok Northeast. The health insurance company has organized the supply of flu vaccines since 2011 for the three federal states together with the respective apothecary associations. The AOK Northeast and its partners made an early effort to ensure delivery, said Susan Dolfen, head of the drug supply at AOK Northeast. "As the first region in Germany, we have already figured out the need for February 2018, so that the flu vaccine could be charged early."

Even in Baden-Württemberg, the supply is probably secured so far. "We are unaware of a massive deficiency," said a spokeswoman for the Social Ministries in Stuttgart. Although it was reported that the vaccine was out of stock in some regions of Baden-Württemberg. For a larger area that does not happen yet.

The Robert Kofin Institute provides in particular men over 60 pregnant women, chronic illness and medical staff to a flu vaccine. According to figures from the Federal Ministry of Health, the flu in Germany in the past season has triggered about nine million doctors visits and has led to nearly 2,000 deaths.



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