Corona: Dark chocolate and green tea against fighting virus?


Can dark chocolate and green tea help against corona? Researchers amaze with new findings. These foods are said to inhibit the virus.

  • An American Study Has new knowledge in the fight against Corona *.
  • Some Food Contain ingredients that Virus And its Disperse Can inhibit.
  • The valuable ones Results The study were in Corona research Very promising.

Cassel – in the fight against this Coronavirus Has a current Study Gain new knowledge: Natural ingredients Of some foods have high effectiveness against Virus And can even inhibit this. Some of these products can already be found in many households and on the weekly shopping list.

A healthy diet strengthens the immune system and already many Researcher And doctors have been looking at some foods that may be effective against the coronavirus. There Ingredients Several plants one Anti-inflammatory effect Researchers at North Carolina State University have now investigated the effects of these substances on the Coronavirus. The plants include the Cocoa and tea plant As well as various Grape varietiesWhich contains chemical compounds that can inhibit the virus.

Study examines natural substances against corona: these foods are effective

The results of the Study Were promising: it turned out that the enjoyment of Green tea, Dark chocolate, Cocoa powder And Dark grapes, The so-called muscadine grapes, actually particularly effective against this Virus And contain the next spread.

Researchers surprise themselves with new findings of corona: it is said that some foods inhibit the virus. The dark chocolate is said to be particularly effective. (Symbol image)

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Corona study from the USA: Natural foods can inhibit the spread of the virus

It means, that Chemical compounds The mentioned Food The function of certain enzymes, the proteases, des Coronavirus Can block. Study Author and Professor DeU.U. of North Carolina State University explains that the effects of the ingredients of the Natural foods On these proteases play a critical role so that the virus cells can no longer perform some important functions.

Using laboratory tests and computer simulations, researchers in this study checked the reaction of the main protease of the Coronavirus, Which is needed for diffusion, on the chemical compounds of the ingredients in Green tea, Muscadine grapes, Cocoa powder And Dark chocolate. The research shows that the compounds in cocoa powder and dark chocolate, especially reduced the activity of protease enzymes.

Researcher from a study in the fight against corona: certain foods have protective effects

For Professor She, these are won and valuable Research results A big step in Fights the virusBecause if “the protease can be inhibited or even deactivated, the virus will die”. Now, it must be checked in further studies to what extent the consumption of this Food A Protective effect Against this Coronavirus Can guarantee.

Another interesting study found that an adequate supply of vitamin D is important in the fight against corona. (Alina Schröder) * is part of the nationwide Ippen digital editorial network.

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