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Christian Lindner: ARD presenter brings FDP host to white fever


Berlin –

On such a question, the FDP leader Christian Lindner (40) was unprepared for the "ARD summer interview". His relationship with a friend, Franka Lehfeldt, 29, retains everything, but with private insight, politicians can deliberately withstand it. Everything else should have annoyed him.

christian linder and franca lehfeldt

Christian Linden with girlfriend Franka Lehfeldt.

But first it was about something else. ARD Presenter and Director of the ARD Capital Study Tina Hassel explains the rules of the "Interview" in the summer interview, where viewers can ask their own questions to politicians.

Christian Lindner in the ARD summer interview about his mistakes

Christian Esser, for example, asked the FDP politician, who is his greatest grievance, or what Christian Linden's decision made in recent months?

A profound question for Lindner has taken some time before he answered. "Unfortunately, I expressed myself ambiguously and stupidly at the" Fridays for Future "protests," Christian Lindner finally admits. "I would have done better, more precise."

The FDP politician spoke the self-critical confession right now on the first question of a topic that should also play a role in the summer interview again and again. In connection with another question, Lindner emphasized: "No one in the world would follow us on the path of losing wealth and dictating the way people live."

Instead, there are technical solutions such as alternative aircraft fuels. He thinks nothing of doomsday scenarios and nothing about "preaching descent and assassination".

ARD presenter Tina Hassel goes with Christian Lindner to the "sprint"

Then it came to the heading "Sprint" – and then it was to the conservator. In the question and answer session, which lasted only 60 seconds from the entire interview, Christian Lindner had only answered one word.

"It is better not to answer how to answer badly?" Tina Hassel wanted to know about her guest and thus pondering on Lindner's motto during the Jamaican coalition negotiations. At the time, the FDP leader explained: "It is better not to govern how to go wrong" – and so the negotiations have ended.

Ironically, Christian Lindener stumbled upon the answer, so it was for a moment he was not responding. Afterwards he said yes, and laughed.

Kristen Lindner Freesah When Asks For Friends Lehfeldt Laughs On Face

On one of the other questions, on the other hand, politicians literally laughed. "A wealth of wealth or friend of the same age," said ARD boss Tina Hassel.

Lindner first thought he was calling him and asked him again with a doubt: "a wealth of friends or a friend of the same age?" He didn't ask. And even if the question wasn't quite simple, Lindner might not have been upset because of the complexity.

Oktoberfest visit: Lindner's friend in a short directory, but what is the FDP leader? (Read here)

Questions About Girlfriend Franka Lehfeldt Christian Lindner finds "tasteless"

Kristin Lindner has been in a relationship with Elder Junior since last year's Franca Lehfeldt (29), a journalist for an RTL News magazine. The embarrassing question mixed private and professional issues in a way that Lindner disturbed him.

Maybe it is only good that the FDP man in the question and answer only in one word. His non-frills comment: "Tasteless!"

Spectators tear the presenter Tina Hassel from ARD

After the broadcast of the "ARD Summer Interview", there was a heated debate among the audience about why such a question was even included in an interview conducted by the ARD.

Although the questions of "summer interview" are largely questions of viewers, the selection was made by the ARD editorial – and not least by the Hauptstadt studio itself, Tina Hasel, who also took over the moderation.

Lindner with Hassel

Christian Lader in conversation with Tina Hassel, director of the ARD Capital Studio.

"One or the other question may have been synonymous, part of RTL RTL. Rather, it would have been more time for more important questions, writing a user on YouTube.

Many commentators criticize not only the choice of questions, but also the moderation of Tina's pocket. "How can one, as a moderator, interrupt somebody so often, even under time pressure," says one user. Another says: "I'm not an FDP voter, but please let this person apologize is a question of respect."

Christian Lindner annoyed by constant questions

In fact, Christian Lindner was clearly irritated by the many questions asked by moderator Tina Hassel. The FDP was constantly interrupted, repeatedly putting Mrs. Hassel on an interaction.

Ultimately, the visibly annoyed Lindner can no longer hold together. "I have to explain my position without intervening," he scolded.

Not a good start for the series "ARD Summer Interview", which opened this year with guest Christian Lindner. Of course, we're curious why the next guests will be.


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