Bauer sucht Frau (RTL): Julia from Jungbauer Patrick pregnant? Finally she breaks her long silence


Farmer looking for a wife: Is Julia (24) of young farmer Patrick Romer (24) of Oberdorf am Bodensee pregnant? Finally the wife of Munich breaks her long silence.

Obderdorf – The most sought after young farmer in “Bauer Socht Frau” with presenter Inca Bauss would be the next to apply for the dome show Take a lawyer. According to information from Patrick Romer Said about his participation in “Bauer sucht Frau” (here on the topic page) in the social networks.

“Farmer seeks a wife”: Patrick Romer is the most sought after farmer of all time

D Good-looking young farmers from Oberdorf (District of the Municipality of Langenargen, 800 inhabitants) is a farmer as a sideline. In addition to cattle breeding, 35 acres of grassland, 35 Scottish Highland cattle and a dog, the 24-year-old studies industrial engineering. In season 16, Patrick received more applications than any other “Bauer sucht Frau” candidate before – the show has been on RTL since 2005.

Is Julia (24) of young farmer Patrick Romer (24) of Oberdorf am Bodensee pregnant?


“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Patrick Romer is said to be “totally annoying”.

Just when it was good for Patrick Romer, an alleged insider packed about the guy farmer. The cattle farmer is said to have applied to the dome show only because of a losing bet. Even more: He was said to have cheated on his ex-girlfriend – several times. And on Facebook, a mother writes that the daughter of her best friend knows him personally and Patrick Romer is said to be “totally corrosive”.

“Farmer is looking for a wife”: Julia from Youngbauer Patrick pregnant?

As if the nasty allegations against the young farmer from Bavaria were not enough, the next rumor is now circulating through the net: Julia from Munich is said to be pregnant by Patrick ( reported). In the sixth episode on Monday, the couple fueled the pregnancy rumors. The couple could be seen in the father’s business. When Julia said she could well imagine a life with Patrick, the cattle farmer exclaimed:Now, all that is missing is the cradle for the first child.

Julia posted this photo in her Instagram story and made it clear: Not pregnant.


“Bauer sucht Frau”: Julia denies pregnancy on Instagram

Some of Julia’s more than 12,000 followers on Instagram will even have discovered a small baby bump in the 24-year-old. Now Julia finally breaks her long silence about the rumors and clarifies in her insta story: “One of the most common questions right now: No, I’m not pregnant. They are also good places. “

Julia clarifies: she is not pregnant by Patrick from u / extratipp_com

It remains unclear whether Julia is still with Patrick Romer. Neither Patrick nor the Munich residents have posted their own photos of each other after this as the filming of “Bauer Socht Woman” was over. The two only published print photos from RTL on Instagram. However, it is not clear whether RTL forbids the participants to provide private information and photos before the end of the broadcast, not to take the strain of the show.

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