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Bachelorette 2019: Muscle Pack Yannic looked so incredible earlier


Macho candidate Janis is not in the current "bachelorette" season – because of his evidence and his muscles. But on instagram, he recently posted a photo that could hardly recognize him.

July 23, 2019 Update: Anyone who thinks he has heard everything in terms of Macho speech will be taught by Bachelorette Candidate Janik. Already in the first episode he fired one cracker after another. From "I'm a horny guy, because … look at me" to "I always look first, I'll be satisfied" was all there.

Aachen's 22-year-old student also says he is distressed. Because 127 kg of hard chicken runs bodybuilding and is, according to its instagram profile, a German champion in bodybuilding. He likes to show his followers his muscular mountains – but lately he has posted a photo that is not a sign of his giant Mickis. Among all the posers, which featured the 1.97-foot-gym man, he released a comparative image showing him seven years ago. Without muscles and almost childish, he looks at the camera. The fans are enthusiastic: "such a mega-transformation" and "you have definitely made something of yourself, respect," they commented admirably.

July 16 first announcement: "Bachelorette" – Candidate Janice surpasses everything – "I see I'm satisfied"

Twenty muscular men compete in the sixth "bachelorette" season to convince influenza Gerda Luis (26). But bodybuilder Yannick Dammaschk outperforms in macho affairs.

In the first "Bachelorette" episode left Yankee right at the beginning of such disgusting macho proverbs that the audience in front of the TV probably swallowed "Batida de Coco".

With the macho speech, John wants to score points in the "Bachelorette"

The 22-year-old can study aerospace engineering in Aachen. Even at first glance, he is a phenomenon: as he was 18, he trains his body intensely and participates in bodybuilding competitions. Like his other hobbies he calls "Sushi, Nakah, Sauna and Sex".

Even before Janic met Gerda Luis, he couldn't wait to see her. However, he probably didn't quite understand the meaning of the RTL dome show. "After four days without sex, I'm really looking forward to the Bachelorette," he explains. In general, sex obviously plays a big role in Janik's life. He was still a virgin at the age of 20 – two years ago, but since then he "has more experience with women than others of my age."

Self-confidence definitely lacks the muscle man. He explains: "I'm a horny guy, because … look at me." He expresses this more concretely: "Men aren't hot or beautiful, people are cool or bad. And I would say I'm bad."

Muscle Man Janica explains his flirting behavior: "… then you go to bed relatively quickly"

The 22-year-old describes in the first episode in a single player as he meets women. And this seems to be very easy: with his appearance he automatically attracts a lot of attention to women. "And if one of you finds it good, you soon go to bed."

He showed an attitude that reminds us of the Middle Ages: "I always look first what I like or what I'm happy with. I think if everyone looks that they are happy, everyone is happy." He looks "pretty beautiful". "But my tail can't find it so good." But this is the other way women are "look like this," but "put them in sick."

In the end, he summed up his booty scheme: "I love everything, but I really love women too. Ass is more important to women than women, so it would be clear. But when the other" Bachelorette "candidates explain why For them, he says, "PFF, I've never thought of anything like that."

"The Bachelorette" Candidate John: 127 Kilograms of "Uncensored Gravity"

The 22-year-old is popularly known as "Hercules" by the other candidates for his masculine height and pride of 1.97b and 127kg measurements. Accordingly, it is difficult for the student of aerospace engineering to get out of the limousine when he is familiar with Gerda. When she arrived, he hugs you so much that she needs to be gasping.

As a welcome gift Jannik brings the Bachelorette's "uncensored gravity". He proved it too tired and explained: "Overall, I like you quite well. Can you do this?" Even later, he remains true to his direct nature, and when he speaks to Gorda in the first night of roses, he says Dryly, "I didn't notice at the beginning. But this dress hides a lot. ”

Despite all this, Yannick should have been sooner, at least because of his look at Gerda. The ex-boyfriend of the "Bachelorette" is finally bodybuilder and "Mr. Olympia" Toby Tea. With his relationship status, however, John could well deter the Bachelorette. In episode two, Janik Tell who is waiting for him in Germany.

Incidentally, the Munich "Bachelorette" candidate and "Mr Bayern" Marko are much more discreet and tough as Yankee. The candidate Fabio, who also comes from Munich, likes to show what he has.

However, one person has the other candidates in principle in mind: the experience in the dome and the late entry into the current season. The former Bachelorette candidate Alex is allowed to move into the men's villa, after the first roses have been distributed.

But even through the Bachelorette Gorda Lewis, she has emerged as such extratipp.com* Reported.


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