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FRANKFURT (dpa-AFX) – Selected ratings of analysts in the informative agency dpa AFX of 06.11.2018


FRANKFURT – Analytical House Kepler Cheuvreux has raised the target target for Gea Group (GEA) from 33 to 34 euros and left the "Buy" rating. The stock Anlagenbauers has already suffered a lot, but estimates of revenue seemed realistic, according to analyst Hans-Joachim Heimbürger in a study that was available on Tuesday. The relationship between options and risks is now convincing.


FRANKFURT – Commerzbank lowered the price targets for GRENKE from 90 to 80 euros, but left the rating on hold. The growth prospects of the leasing provider slowed down, according to analyst Christoph Blieffert in a study that is available on Tuesday. In the price of a share, however, the price is almost perfect business performance.

Hugo Boss

NEW YORK – The US investment bank Goldman Sachs gave HUGO BOSS a credit rating of EUR 66.30 after its quarterly sales figures. The operating profit of the Ebitda fashion house exceeded the approval rating by five percent, according to analyst Alberto Agnano on Tuesday. The commercial environment remains a challenge. Investments in products were threatened to drive margins. Hugo Boss, however, was difficult to derive from the larger conclusions on the wider luxury sector.


FRANKFURT – Analytical House Kepler Cheuvreux added Linde with "Buy" and a target price of 156 euros back to the rating. Following the merger with Praxair Linde, he is now the new market leader in industrial gases, according to analyst Martin Rödiger, in a study that was available on Tuesday. Rödiger expects strong growth in revenue and margins to increase.


NEW YORK – US investment bank Morgan Stanley has left Siemens over "overweight" with a price tag of 134 euros for the last quarter of the current financial year. The emphasis should be on the objectives of the electrotechnical group in the new fiscal year, according to Ben Uglow analyst, in a study that was available on Tuesday.


NEW YORK – The US bank JPMorgan raised the target price of Siemens Games from € 10.50 to € 11 at the price of the fourth quarter, but left the rating "Underweight". The numbers of the wind turbine manufacturer go beyond the consensus estimates, according to analyst Akash Gupt in a study that was available on Tuesday. The expert announced the earnings forecast (adjusted EPS) for fiscal year 2018/19 and 2019/20, but still stocks are considered as expensive.


NEW YORK – The American bank JPMorgan has lowered the target price for Siemens Healthineers from 38.90 to 34.90 euros after a thorough review of the results of the fourth quarter, but the rating remained neutral. The company of medical devices presented comprehensive solid data on a customized basis, according to analyst David Adlington in a Monday study. However, for financial years 2018/19 and 2019/20, it reduced its earnings forecast (adjusted Ebitda).


FRANKFURT – The Kepler Cheuvreux analytical house has raised the price tag for Telefonica from 7.5 to 7.7 euros and left it to "Hold". Although the third quarter of the Spanish telecommunications group turned out to be somewhat better than expected, it does not see this as a turning point, analyst Javier Borrachero wrote on Tuesday for a study that was available.


FRANKFURT – Commerzbank left the company thyssenkrupp with a target price of 30 euros after the press release on the replacement of two members of the board of directors. The fact that Joachim Limberg of Materials Services could retire was very surprising, according to analyst Ingo-Martin Schachel in a study that was available on Tuesday. Possible departure Andreas Schierenbeck, the chief of the important elevator division, would be an important change in the management.


NEW YORK – US investment bank Goldman Sachs has released Zalando's quarterly credit rating at a neutral level with a $ 40 target price tag. In any case, the unanimous personal earnings forecast (EBIT) for the current year should remain stable on online retailers, analyst Tushar Jain said in an initial assessment on Tuesday, although sales growth was slightly behind the announcement of a consensus.

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