200,000 EUR for StreamOn> iphone-ticker.de


The court decision in the basic strike fell just one week ago. At that time, the Administrative College of Cologne has declared that the option is unlawful and harmonizes with European rules on roaming and networking.

Streamon 500

Particularly problematic is the video chokes, which reduces the resolution of moving image content and the fact that telecom would accuse the traffic of its stream management domains than in other European countries.

This was preceded by a trial of telecom against an order from the Federal Network Agency, which prohibited parts of the option on StreamOn in December 2017 after a "thorough examination".

The telecom announced after the denial of the blog in the house and is combative:

The decision of the Cologne Administrative Court has no immediate effect on our Commondon proposal. In the interest of our customers, we will continue to avoid all legal options so that you can continue to streamline. Hiring Strydon will be a big drawback for our more than 1.7 million customers and over 350 content partners. […] We still believe that our proposal does not violate EU standards. Law. […] Another criticism is bandwidths. We consider the transparency of how quality for the presentation on mobile devices is absolutely sufficient. This is demonstrated by the high-profile figures of our customers and the great interest of our partners.

Here, the Federal Network Agency counters. As it says in a DPA-message, which among others is the SpyGel, the authority wants to set a penalty in the amount of € 200,000, if the network operator does not revise his zuthatoption.

Both the video trattling and the separate foreign score will be punished with every 100,000 € penalty money.

[…] With streaming, data consumption is not counted on the monthly volume, for instance, when streaming videos on Netflix or in a media library. However, the telecom throttled the transmission rate in certain tariffs, and one can see the film on the road only in a lower resolution (SD) than at home in the W-Lan (HD or Ultra).

This "video chokes" bothers the regulator: In their view, there is a violation of net neutralty, so the direct treatment of traffic. In addition, Telecom expects video streaming into other EU countries. Countries on the volume of data – which according to network agency against the "frame as at home" principle violates, ie against the same use in other EU countries as domestic. In each case 100,000 euro penalty is right.

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