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You doctor diagnosed her with angina, she died and had to undergo 10 operations


Her general practitioner diagnosed a simple angina, but the 32-year-old British woman suffered from a very serious paraphrasing abscess. We explain everything.

Stacey Raymond is a 32 year old Londoner. The young woman was suffering from it Pain Some times in the neck. She may also observe a crowd. After some remarks of his wife about the redness of his neck, she decides to consult Doctor Generalist, who diagnoses him a Angina And sends you home with a five-day treatmentAntibiotics. But those Pain Don't calm down and the young woman decides to consult another Doctor.

The one sends it straight to a ENT In hospital, he suspects that the young woman has developed Abscess in the throat. Specialist confirms second doctor's diagnosis: There is a question for him Peritonsillar abscessAn almost always unilateral infection, which is localized between the Amygdala and the pharyngeal higher constrictor muscle. It is often caused by unrecorded angina.

Hospital support

Stacey Raymond is infused with pain medications and antibiotics, but her condition is not improved, quite the contrary. The Size Present on his neck Moves At the height of his right arm and the doctors decide to perform a scanner. And the results fall: pus was present in his arm and fluid is now in his Lungs.

Doctors decide To work urgently The Londoner because her diagnosis changes: she suffers Paraphorizing abscessIn addition, the operation is planned to drain putty and cut necrotic tissue. A Paraphorizing abscess Can be potentially fatal because of complications such as septicemia, or spread of infection to other organs such as the heart or Lungs.

Unfortunately, Stacey Raymond also suffers from it Necrotizing Faces, A rare infection of the skin and deep subcutaneous tissues. The medical team, realizing the seriousness of the case, decides to move it to another hospital with a team of experts in Surgery Box. Unfortunately, the infection continues to develop and begins to contract.


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A second operation has to be done Drain the abscess That has now moved to the height of his collar. Although surgeons remove these Necrotic skinThe infection spreads and almost reaches the height of his heart. Stacey Raymond's wife and her family from South Africa are warned, her diagnosis is very dim.

But the young woman from South Africa undergoes another operation, this time taking four hours, but the surgeons Success Too Stop the infection. The young woman needs to be Graft skin From you and must be taken to the operating room Every day So that the surgeon does not check Necrosis Out. In all, she has done 10 operations in order to apply the skin to replace the necrotic and clean the abscess. A part of the muscles in her neck had to be removed and Stacey Raymond still has some trouble lifting her head.

However, Londoners now fired more A month and a half to the hospital, Quotes a lesson from his experience: "I see everything in a more positive way, and even if it sounds crazy, the experience is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am a better person thanks to this"She confuses DailyMail.

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