Video of Nordhal Lelandey committing sexual inquiry into a girl: parents complained


The parents of the girl who had been sexually abused by Nordpol Lelandey, had a complaint in October. This video, exploited by the gendarmerie, dates from last summer and was found on the mobile phone of the alleged murderer of the Little Mali.

The parents of the little girl victim of sexual harassment by Nordol Lendais filed a complaint in October, studying Francois on the Friday of a source familiar with the matter. The touch screen has been featured by a video found in the mobile phone's suspect and exploited by the gendarmes that have been known for several weeks.

The girl is the Goddaughter of Nordol Lelandais. She was 4 years old at the time of the events that took place during the summer of 2017 in the home of a cousin of the suspect. In this video, the author of the film is well-identified by the investigators as being the suspect.

This is the second video showing Nordol Lelandey abusing a little girl. The first time it was his cousin 6 years. In this case, he was recently filed for "Sex Attack".

Nordahl Lelandais will be heard on December 7 by the Examining Magistrates for an Indictment, following the examination of the Second Video. He is under the investigation for the murder of Mali and the assassination of Arthur Noir.

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