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The charge on Highway 10 at WireSak, near Bordeaux, was a sustainable barrier since November 17.
The charge on Highway 10 at WireSak, near Bordeaux, was a sustainable barrier since November 17. Nicolas Tucat / AFP

All oil depots and roads are released, said the Interior Ministry at the end of the day, Wednesday, November 21, the fifth day of mobilization of "yellow vests". Of 290,000 demonstrators reported Saturday, November 17 throughout France, they were 27,000 Monday and about 15,000 Wednesday, according to the latest assessment of the Ministry of Interior. The mobilization seems to weaken before a new appointment set Saturday in Paris.

  • "Significant" material damage

If there is no blockade on the roads Wednesday night according to the Ministry of the Interior, dams filter persist, after causing traffic difficulties. In the early evening, the operator Wencesworth issued a notice of network disruption or access to the A7, A8, A9, A10 and A11 motorways, and some exchangers were locked in a prefectural decision.

Durable Damage Point and Creation of the Last In The Last Days, Highway 10 (A10) in WireSak, North of Bordeaux, was evacuated by law enforcement Wednesday at 7:00, and traffic on the A10 to Paris was gradually Resumed in the late afternoon.

For some dams, farmers and fishermen joined the "yellow vests", as in Leeux, Normandy. Members of the young farmers have also expressed their support for the movement by participating in a blockade in Saint-Dié-des-Vosges.

VSCI Outlooks report report damage "Considerable" : "We talk about some million euros, Tells AFP the CEO of Winch Autoroutes, Pierre Coppey. It will take several weeks to refurbish all the facilities. "

The "yellow vests", however, were more targeted at logical platforms or business activities, the blockade of which is less unpopular than roadblocks. At Toulouse, the fundraising oil stock and the Eurocentre Logistic Platform are thus blocked. The blockade of the adjacent platform of social, considered illegal by the court of Toulouse, was lifted in the day.

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  • "Emergency violence" and two deaths

Act Of "Serious and repeated violence" At some points of blocking concern the authorities, confronted with a mobilization without organizing or guarantor clearly designated. Two people have died since the beginning of the national mobilization:

  • A motorcyclist died Tuesday after a collision with a van trying to avoid a dam in the drum
  • A protester died after being overthrown by a motorist Saturday in Savoy.
  • Five hundred and five and five people were injured, including 16 seriously, 115 who were wounded among the police, including 3 in serious condition.

Four people aged between 19 and 21 were scuffed Tuesday night for four months in prison for violence on public authority authorities, committed Saturday at a meeting in Quimper. Since Saturday, 745 people were arrested and 599 refused.

  • "Unacceptable" behavior

On Tuesday, in Flixecourt, in the Somme, "yellow vests" called the police after intercepting six migrants hidden in the tank of a tanker cargo. On the online videos, we hear the amused and insulting comments of some protesters. One of them says: "What a bunch of fighters, and all that is still going to be on our taxes."

Non-ordinated reporters (RSF) also called the "yellow vests" to rest on Wednesday, laminating that "The movement gives rise to a solid understanding of the verbal and physical aggression against the media and bfft in particular". RFEF condemns in its explanation the increase in threats and physical and mythical attacks on journalists "Who just do their duty to inform".

On the decoders: "Yellow Vests": The Truth and Falsity of November 17 on Social Networks

Against the movement that spread on social networks outside any political and union framework, Emmanuel Makron, who called Dialogue & # 39; Tuesday, hardened the tone on Wednesday, ensuring that "The Struggle Will Be Required" Against violence.

"There are legitimate sorrow that must be heard, but it was also unacceptable. We must be intractable on public order. We can not accept the two dead, wounded by the demonstrators and the police, or the racist, anti-semitic or homophobic remarks. "

"The intervention of the police will continue in the coming hours to free sensitive sites still blocked"Warned by the Interior Minister, Christian Castanier. Since Monday, "Thirty strategic sites, including fifteen oil sites, five access to business areas and six access roads and highways" Are released, detailed beavawau.

  • "Act 2" in Paris?

Required for a national meeting on the Place de la Concorde in Paris, spreading. The demonstration will not be connected, but it will not be held on the grounds for security reasons, said the Secretary of State to the Minister of the Interior, Lawrence Gonzalez, calling for an event in the prefecture to find another " Safe "location.

Some political leaders intend to join the day. Jean-Luc Mélenchon notably noted that the insubordination of France activists would participate. On the union side, only the FO transfer and logistics federation called "yellow vests" to get a "Increase in purchasing power".

The Road, the first association of road transport, reported Wednesday that it would not call its members to join the movement of "yellow vests", followed by CFTC Transport (Fourth Union) followers "To switch as citizens" Facing this movement.

Jean LaSalle provokes a brief suspension of sitting in the Assembly

This is the image of the day at the National Assembly: In questions to the government, Wednesday, November 21, the deputy (unregistered) of the Pyrenees Atlantic, Jean LaSalle, don't turn yellow into the hymn. A Proof is prohibited by the rules of the Assembly.

Furious, the President of the Police-Bourbon, Richard Ferand, then asked the first presidential candidate to remove his Neon West, symbol of the demonstrations against raising fuel prices. "Mr. LaSalle, please go out to protest outside the heavenly!"Said Ferrand. But in the face of Mr. Lassall refusing to remove his wastewater, the Speaker of the Assembly was forced to suspend this meeting.

"Fortunately, Hamas does not kill!", Then launched the Minister of the Interior, Christine Castaner, in the resumption of the debates, targeting Mr. LaSalle.

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