The game that will be the spearhead of the next-gen by launch … Ha ben no – the “what the fuck” rewards of 2020


The game that will be the spearhead of the next-gen at launch ... eh well

The launch line-up of new generations of consoles has at times been accompanied by titles that have marked history, Like the Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Board of the Wild released in 2017. So obviously, knowing that the Xbox Series would be carried by a new episode of the Halo saga as soon as they arrived had something to excite players , Especially since the license has always been able to impose a remarkable visual imprint on each of his launches. But everything collapsed in July, at the end of a graphically less impressive presentation than expected by players and which resulted in some mockery and even on the web. Days later, Halo Infinite will finally be postponed, leaving the Xbox Series orphaned of their biggest gem for the holiday season. We can bet for all fans of the license that this is only a postponement and that they can again benefit from the gifts of the Lord Chief from next year.

Halo Infinite: Gameplay Review

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