The best organic products of the year are …


Do you know the label "Best Organic Product" Biotopia?

This is the existing logo from 2013, which brands can attach to their products if they have the ability to differentiate themselves. Last year, 129 consumer products were awarded with an indication in 2018.

Interesting information for French consumers, more and more popular organic products: today, 7 out of 10 are buying at least once a month.

More than 100 "super testers" on rows

For marking, each product in the competition is tested with at least 100 "super testers". Products in progress are thoroughly evaluated according to different criteria (odor, texture, efficiency, etc.). The criteria are not the same according to the category. So take into account the flavor of the spread and the effectiveness of deodorant. The distinction is granted only if the average grade obtained in the tests is greater than 16/20.

World jury of 2300 consumers

This year, the World Jury of 2300 organic consumers reviewed the selection of more than 218 food, health and cosmetics products or maintenance, all certified organic (1), in order to identify the best or most ecologically effective in three different categories: food products, health and cosmetics, and cleaning products.

Since September, testers at home have rated the products they have chosen. Votes are made online, without intermediaries and anonymously. Some similar products that compete, such as two natural green tea, can not make a difference, even if all the products involved reach the required minimum rating.

Different brands Centifolia, Abellie or Jean Hervé

What are the big winners of this new edition (code 2019)?

Very rich moisturizer Centifolia with pink, Quintessence's incredible ketchup, organic crispy bar Jean Hervé, Nellie's Nectar soft oil from Abellia … Not less than 155 products were awarded during the week in Paris. You can find them in the document below or on the competition website.

From January 1, 2019, the winners will be easily recognized on the shelves because the brands on their packaging will be able to secure the Best Organic Product and Best Eco Product logos free of charge.

(1) All must be labeled as organic [AB (Agriculture Biologique), Austria Bio Garantie, BDIH, Bio Cohérence, Bio Equitable, Bio Europe, Bio Solidaire, Biodyn, Cosmebio, Demeter, Ecocert, Natrue, Nature & Progrès, Soil Association, USDA Organic, Ecolabel] and are sold in organic shops or on specialized websites.

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