Sales of substitutes to stop smoking exploitation in France since September


The reimbursement by the Social Security of the Nicotine substitutes largely explains the sharp rise in the sales.

Sales of nicotine substitutes to stop smoking are exploding in France. More than 300,000 French people have been buying it every month since last September, reveals the French information on Thursday, November 29, as the "Month Without Tobacco" operation ends.

"It's a record, we've never had so many people benefited from a stop-assisted treatment"Says Aurélien Lemenier-Jemnet from the Observatory of Drugs and Drug Addiction.

If sales of patches, chewing gums and lozenges are significantly increased, it is because the government installs in the last months the reimbursement of the substitutes by the Social Security to help people quit smoking.

Until then, smokers can benefit from 150 € of reimbursement a year from nicotine substitutes. Since May, there is no more ceiling and no more money in the pharmacy. As a result, the doctors prescribed jumps + 66% over the last year. Almost 40% of the patches or chewing gums on the market are reimbursed by the Suku and 100% of substitutes will be reimbursed by January 1.

With the pack of cigarettes soon to 10 euros and reimbursement by Social Security Nicotine substitutes, the government hopes to reach France in the first generation of non-smoking adults in 15 years.

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