Route du Rhum: duel off Madeira


They started Sunday afternoon. Since then, the rhythm is still very intense on the Trimarans Macif in Idec Sports. François Gabart and Francis Joyon are moving almost 25 knots, which are difficult to hang in the wind in a very unstable wind.

Mapping from 1 to 7 November / © Route du Rhum
Mapping from 1 to 7 November / © Route du Rhum

The third Ultimate still in navigation: "Remade again" by Romain Pilliard to the port of A Coruña. His skipper found at night the smashing of several tickets for the mainsail.

Even at a technical stop in northwestern Spain, Thomas Coville intends to leave La Coruño as soon as he removes Sodebo Ultim's connecting arm. Without Sébastien Josse, whose greatest damage is Edmund de Rothschild, who is forced to leave the largest trio of Gitana.

After Captain Maxi Solo Banque Populaire IX on Tuesday, Armel Le Cléac 'returned a fishing boat off the Azores. He is coming to Spain, while his team is now exploring all the solutions to restore the boat.

Goal: Azores!

The Multi50 Thibaut Vauchel-Camus still runs Solidaires in Peloton Arsep, in front of another Malouin Gilles Lamiré at the French Tech Rennes Saint-Malo.

Commander Erwan Le Roux tries to catch up with him in the FenêtréA's mixed buffet. On Wednesday morning, Armel Tripon, who managed to leave the Portuguese coast, is following. Nantais is now trying to reset Réauté Chocolat to the West. Thierry Bouchard is currently 5th in the Multi50 category in the village of Ciela. Lalou Roucayrol, whose Arkema boat stopped in Lisbon, is scheduled to announce its re-departure on Wednesday morning.

Imok's class is ten years old

In the Imoc category, Alec Thomson seems to be paying out. The British lead Hugo Boss to look beautiful west of the DST. On Wednesday morning, he is in the lead, in front of the SMA Paul Meilhatom, who crossed and sailed on Wednesday morning in Lisbon without much difficulty. Vincent Riou is right for the PRB.

Of the 20 competitors who have crossed the starting line in this category, now only 11 are flying. Nine others are either refugees in the port of Brittany or on the way to a technical stop or shelter or are waiting for the last stop …

Still in the Bay of Biscay, a class-40 solitary driver, are also much less: from the original line 53, only 35 sailing boats on Wednesday morning. In the lead, Yoann Richomme is followed by Aymeric Chappellier and Phil Sharp.

Geolos coach Pierre Antoine leads the dance at Olmix in the category of Multi Rum, as well as Sidney Gavignet at Happy Coffee in Mono Rum.

General map On the 7th of November morning Route du Rhum / © Route du Rhum
General map On the 7th of November morning Route du Rhum / © Route du Rhum

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