PSG | PSG – Malaise: Explain the reasons for the Rabot police?


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Posted on November 6, 2018 at 9.15 am by A.M.

On bench against OM and LOSC, Adrien Rabiot could not hold back against Naples. And for good reason Thomas Tuchel would blame him for lack of investment.

" Adrien was not punished tonight. It was so against Marseille, that was my decision (…) That was a tough decision, but it is my job to do it. Julian deserved to stay in the team and today it was difficult for Adrien. After winning against LOSC (2-1), confirmed by Thomas TuchelAdrien Rabiot, on the bench for two consecutive meetings, was not sanctioned, unlike the trip to Marseille. Nevertheless, the choice of German technique would not be completely sporty.

He gave up on the lack of investment

In fact, it's been a couple of hours before decisive competition against Naples, itAdrien Rabiot can start again on the bench, Group forward an article on the position of the French conjunct. According to the newspaper, two factors would be drawn Thomas Tuchel to prefer Julian Draxler for Adrien Rabiot : lack of investment in training and a lack of commitment to competition. Therefore, a trained midwife PSG she knows what else has to be done to find her place.

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