Macron creates a controversy by justifying a gift to Petain


POLITICAL SCENING – On the fourth day of his "memorial tour", the president replaced the criticism of the ceremony dedicated to the military leader, which will take place on Saturday on the Disabled. In his opinion, Pétain "was a great soldier during the First World War", even if he then "brought death decisions".

From our special correspondent in Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes)

"I've always watched the history of our country in the face." Traveling to Charleville-Mézières (Ardennes) for the fourth day of his "Memorial tour", Emmanuel Macron explained the gift paid to military leaders, including Marshal Pétain, on Saturday for disabled people. "It is very legitimate to thank the marshals who also led the army to victory, and this profession will be paid, since every year, in addition to the French army," the president is first emphasized.

While on Saturday, on the day of the ceremony, in Compiegne (Oise), Emmanuel Macron confirmed that Les Invalides will be represented by his special mayor. "I do not make a short cut, but I do not hide any side of history." And Marshal Pétain was also a great soldier during World War I. There, this is a reality in our country, "he said. He then proceeded with an argument that is pleasing to justify this omission and explained that "political life, as a human nature, is sometimes more complex than you would like to believe."

"I have always opposed French defeatism"

Gaullist is confident and claimed that Emmanuel Macron confirmed that "he could have been a good soldier during the First World War and led to fateful decisions among others." "My role is not to understand that it is shocking or to comment on people; my task is to try to explain and convey beliefs," he defended. "I recognize the part played by marchers and our army played in the French victory," he added, as the voices rose to criticize the small military dimension of the centuries-old memories of the army.

"We celebrate the centenary, the centenary of victories, and peace, the victory of the fighting nation," so I wanted Hairy and "14" to return to Pantheon, but this is also the victory of the French army and its marshals, and that is why it is normal for us to celebrate and enable them French army to do it, "he said. Before concluding: "I have always opposed French defetism when it could exist or was satisfied with any ideology. You can not blame me for being ambiguous at the moment, I have always been absolute in this fight.

François Hollande is bitter

Respect for Emmanuel Macron of Petain's military action in the First World War caused more bitter reactions. Beginning with the fact that former President François Hollande: "History does not isolate the stage, even though it is a magnificent military career. They believe that the marshal, who deliberately covered his name and prestige, treason, co-operation and the deportation of thousands of Jews in France, unworthy, "he said on Twitter.

Earlier, Count Francis Kalifat, President, also stepped out of Emmanuel Macron's position: "The only thing I want to remember from Pétain is that he was hit by national humiliation in 1945, which makes him not eligible for any profession," he responded in Twitter.

On the left, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Benoît Hamon immediately condemned the remark by Emmanuel Macron.

"Emanuel Macron's will for Petain's celebration of the Disabled is an insult to the memory of our French heroes, citizens, resilient and military, Jewish families who were emigrated from World War II," said MP MP Luc Carvounas.

Griveaux defends the day, then withdraws

Government spokesman Benjamin Griveaux first blamed "a bad controversy" which required him not to make "questionable short cuts". Before quoting General de Gaulle's statement about Petain that "his glory in Verdun can not be contested or ignored by the Father." In the National Assembly and without the quotation of Philippe Pétain, Edouard Philippe spoke of "heavy, paradoxical training" "at the same time the thoughts of those who were magnificent, and those who then did not live up to the centuries of history." Later, Benjamin Grievaux responded by publishing the text on Facebook, which ensured that "he would not give Petain a Saturday, […], who opposed the national humiliation of collaborating with Nazi barbarism in a terrible and criminal way. "

At the end of the day, he took the floor himself to justify his comments. "Marshal Petain, who led France during the Second World War, was involved in deep crimes that were recognized and recognized by the French state. I said that I was very clear about this. (…) I do not farewell nothing, but I do not delete anything from our history, "said the head of state in Aisne.

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