“Les Tuche 4”: The first trailer unveiled


Olivier Baroux’s comedy with Jean-Paul Rouve and Isabelle Nanty will be released in February 2021.

A very first crazy trailer has just been unveiled for The toche4. The fourth part of the adventures of Cathy, Jeff, Ice T, Tuche Daddy, Coin-Coin and Mamie Suzy has the theme of overconsumption. Jeff Tuche confronts his brother-in-law, Jean-Ives, director of a warehouse owned by a US e-commerce giant.

“After resigning from the post of President of the Republic, Jeff and his family are happily returning to their village of Beaujolais. , And her husband Jean-Yves with whom Jeff has been angry for 10 years … The reconciliation may have gone smoothly, except that Jeff and Jean-Yves during a lunch will again find a subject of contention: CHRISTMAS the family quarrel that should never have “Left bows will turn into a showdown between Jeff and a giant internet distribution,” says the synopsis.

Shot at the beginning of the year, The toche4 Was completed during the pandemic Of coronavirus. In order to complete the film, Olivier Baroux and Jean-Paul Rouve were forced to write the scenes that were left to them to be able to respect the means of social distancing. Jean-Paul Row And Isabelle Nanty give the answer to new in the world of Tuche: Michel Blanc and François Berléand.

Initially scheduled for December 9th and then on December 16th, The comedy will finally be released in theaters on February 3, 2021, Pathé announced. February 3 is the date on which there is still a heavy balance of French humor: OSS 177, Third part.

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