Johnny Hallyday Jealous Patrick Bruel? A delicious anecdote has been found


In the city, Patrick Bruel and Johnny Hallyday shared a nice friendship. But on the stage this was another story.

Friendship between Patrick Brul and Johnny Hallyday is not new. The two men, who marked the history of French music, often sang several times over the past 20 years. Their last common benefit comes from December 2014, three years before the death of Taulier. But even if they were not singing together since then, the two stars maintained very friendly relationships.

And yet, in order to believe Patrick Balkany, little rivalry was concealed behind this concealment. In the book Laeticia, the real story, written by Laurence Pieau and François Vignolle, says: He often said: "I will not invite him to the concert again. Every time he makes the same blow, he presses, the voice is pushing. I have two and a half plays and he just does a song. It does it intentionally and is not correct. A habit that deeply angered Johnny Hallyday: "When inviting guys, I can not show that they can climb higher than me."

However, this small rancor did not prevent the two artists from collaborating on several occasions. Proof that the rocker was not worried. Patrick Bruel is one of those who had the opportunity to listen to his death album, My country is lovein preview. The singer touched the latest opus of his great friend.


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