Jennifer's accident at A1: both convicted drivers


TRIAL – Two drivers taking part in a fatal accident in March 2017 between a car and a van on which Jenifer was singer were sentenced on Wednesday in a prison jail.

Two drivers involved in an accident on the A1 motorway in March 2017, with two dead and seven wounded people, including singer Jenifer, were sentenced on Wednesday to Senlis (Oise) in a postponed prison.

On March 6, 2017, about 2 hours, a singer minibus that returned to Paris from a concert in Brussels hit a car that traveled on the highway at low speed. Two passengers in the car died.

The driver of the car was sentenced to six months in prison, which was suspended for 18 months, AFP told Senlis. As for the minibus driver, he was sentenced to three months in prison. On September 19, the prosecution requested "eight to ten months probation and trial" against the driver and the minibus driver, which was "postponed for two to three months". "I thought that one of the vehicles should stop at an emergency stop in order to become under the hood and not to hinder the normal operation of other vehicles.

Former Red Star player among 2 victims

Others should see a vehicle that was warned and visible, "said Senlis Jean-Baptiste Bladier, a 34-year-old singer who was slightly damaged did not represent a civil party.

Among the dead is Youcef Touati, a former footballer of the League 2, who played mainly in Red Star and Dijon. He died at the age of 27, ten days after the collision.

In an interview with seven to eight, Jenifer agreed to answer a number of questions about this crash and the controversy that arose after a message published by his Twitter accusation (see the video at the beginning of this article). After this drama, the singer interrupted her tour, which remained deeply marked.

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