Is the chicken peasant, famous on the networks, providing the ice cream?


Question asked on 28/11/20118


A Future Farmer in Ahn realized in the West, a video became viral (now suppressed) in which he exposed the difficulties of his life as a farmer: very long days, economic difficulties … and this, then his products should He served at Heads of State at the Elisee Palace for the Commemoration of November 11. The story has been interested in local and national media, TVs and radio stations.

Despite the difficulties encountered by the brothers, it is not, however, his chicken that provided the elite. Even if Bresse chickens were on the menu of the Heads of State and Government heads, November 11 at the presidential palace, reports The Parisian.

Some denial of the words of the brothers have succeeded. Like this, the chief cook of the Presidency on Twitter, who says sympathize with the operator but adds to his address: "You do not provide the Elisee."

The Interproportional Committee for the Poultry of Bresse (CIVB) also writes in a statement that "It was not his chicken that was delivered to the Elisee".

The brothers provide a slicer of the Elisha

After deleting the first video, the brothers insisted on clarifying, always filming themselves as a suicide in his house:I'm not here to make the buzz, it's not my thing. […] Stop, stop, I'm overwhelmed, that's not what I want. […] The head of the Elisha said, this is not my fiction, maybe it's clear, it was chicken confreres, and that's fine.

In CheckNews, the eliant said that he had told the rabbi Miller, who had recently sent the brothers to know if his chicken was on the presidential table. The answer is not. The palace assures that it has not asked for the deletion of the first video. On the other hand, this morning, the agriculture advisor of the President of the Republic met with the brothers, "To confirm that he is benefiting from all the devices he can claim". The presidency ensures that the message of distress is heard, and refers to the Estates General Agriculture (Criticized by Goal): "Measures are implemented but they are not visible in the field."

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