“I was not an inflatable doll. Brigitte Bardot reveals all about her conquest. It’s worth the detour!

With her beautiful face and an hourglass figure, the beautiful blonde has turned heads! Brigitte Bardot left very few people indifferent.

She confided her conquests to our colleagues from Paris Match. During her film career, Brigitte Bardot embodied the perfect, busty and sexy woman.

These people are literally under the spell of the one we nicknamed BB

The films in which she turned out were very successful and her romantic relationships were overshadowed. She was on the first page of magazines internationally.

The film And God … created the woman directed by Roger Vadim in 1955 Is a feature film inspired by Brigitte Bardot, who has shared his life for 7 years now. Thanks to this film, the beautiful blonde is famous.

His conquests are many: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Gilbert Bécaud, Sacha Distel, Jacques Charrier, Sami Frey … We can no longer count the people who shared his life, even for a short time …

Brigitte Bardot: “CI chose it. “

“I’m beautiful, I have adventures, I like people”, She confided in the columns of Paris Match. But her strong temperament was already present at the time, she chose people and not the opposite way! “I was not an inflatable doll, but I chose”, She explained.

At the time she already claimed a certain freedom however Back then, women did not have the same rights. She helped forward mentalities but the heroine of And God created the woman Is not, however, an ardent defender of feminism:

I knew a time when many women were much less fun. So much so that I have the impression that we today complain about everything and nothing. Finding that a woman is beautiful will become a crime. If this keeps up. Me, I liked to be looked at, and when they put their hands on my buttocks, which rarely happened, I found it quite strange “, She found Brigitte Bardot.

Like Maiwenn, who recently had similar comments. Not long ago, she confided in Paris Match Loud and loud …. “It’s crazy what they can say bullshit lately!” These are women who do not like men, it is clear, and what are the source of their serious collateral damage. Me, I’m telling people how much we love them. We must stop saying that they are all perverts! “

On a large portrait shown to her by Paris Match for her new DNA film on her Algerian roots, Maiven College the positions of feminist news.

“I recognize that women abused by men are often vulnerable women,” she continues. I understand very well that this is reprehensible. Now, I, if I agree to go to a man’s room at 1 am, I suspect it’s not talking about a role … “she continued. That do not pass for everyone, post #Metoo …

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