Homeopathy: French plebiscite its reimbursement


Muscular pain, colds, anxiety … Many French people take care of homeopathy. According to a survey conducted by Ipsos with 2000 people and published in Le Parisien, almost 3 out of 4 Frenchmen (74%) oppose the deviation of homeopathic treatments provided by social security to 30%.

According to the survey, 77% of French citizens have already received small granules, which have been used on average for 14 years. Far from reaching consensus in a medical machine. Some doctors believe that the effectiveness of the granules is greater than the placebo effect. Last July, 124 doctors have applied
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. v ParisDr. Céline Berthié, a spokeswoman for the Fake Med Association, explains: "We want to discuss the debate at the scientific level and challenge the public, which says that the reflex of homeopathy can lead to delays in managing some pathologies."

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"Patients do not come with faith, but because they worry about them"

On the other hand, others consider that this type of medicine treats patients. "Patients do not come to religion, but because they care," says Christine Bertin-Belot, a homeopathic doctor, in the columns of the diary. The study shows that 70% of respondents use it to treat the first symptoms. Similarly, 83% of respondents believe that a doctor is legally required to prescribe in addition to the usual treatment.

Would a patient's opinion be considered at the game between pro-homeopathy and the antimikon? "It is clear that the cessation of any reimbursement creates opposition to the opinion, but it still relates to the benefits that the French say comes from a homeopathy that is truly anchored in their care practice," explains Luc Barthélémy, the Ipsos health director. For now, the government has asked the High Authority of Health (HAS) to evaluate the effectiveness of homeopathy in order to decide on the merits of its reimbursement. An example to consider.

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