"Forgot Me": This little detail that you could have missed in the new clip by Johnny Halliday

Depryage – In "Forgot Me," the new clip of Johnny Halliday, a look-like of Laityia Halliday wanders into a house lost in the woods. A small film loaded with symbols, more or less obvious. One of them proves that the widow of the rocker has closely supervised the beautiful pictures.

This is one of the most beautiful songs of the album "My Country is Love". Chosen as the second one, after I talk to the devil, the ballad "Personally Me" now has a video clip, unveiled in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday by Warner Music France.

It's cryptic acre, an author of many clips for Alone Bashung, Benjamin Biolay or Bernard Lawillers, who was entrusted with the work of putting in the picture in which the rocker wants to become Laetia. And, surprise, the clip gave Heroin a look-like of the widow's daughter.

Alone, in a large empty house in the depths of the forest, the real-false Laetia, filmed from behind or three quarters, is submerged with images of the man of his life. Johnny is superimposed in the retro of a motorcycle, on the window of the living room, on the ceiling … Everywhere.

In the middle of the song, the young woman receives a bath when a white wolf with blue eyes approaches the bathroom. John's reincarnation?

Occasion or not, it is already the animal that Laura Smith chose to present his father in the clip of "My Last Letter," the song of his brother, David Halliday.

But the similarities do not stop there! In this clip loaded with symbols, we can see an eagle flying over the forest. In David's, it was the wings of the same bag that was shade behind the singer. A reference to "Somewhere an Eagle", the 1982 album on which Johnny appeared as a Raptor, a guitar between the legs.

The small detail that only belongs to Laetisya, and that suggests that it is tightly promised to make the clip, the pen is tattooed on one of the sides of his look-like. We can see you briefly when she receives a bath.

If Johnny's body was covered with tattoos, his last wife was made some, rather discreet, over the years. This pen, she has been informed about his instagram account, June 20, 2013. With this legend, in English: "Light as a pen, eternal like love, my new tattoo."

Since then, Laeticia has taken the virus. We can see some of the pictures that appear on his page. On August 11, in a video posted by her friend Liane Yossua, she could see tattooing her right ankle during a stay in Saint-Bartelemi.

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